IMG_9458Today I celebrated my birthday with all my sisters and friends! Yesterday was my actual birthday, but we had company over so there was no time to celebrate. And we were going to play outside, but we got rained out this morning! So we just played inside.

Here you see an epic game of tag. I just tackled Josefina in the back there.

IMG_9459“Mwahahaha!” I cried as I tagged Josie on her foot.

IMG_9460Josefina smack Jasmine as she tripped over Emelie.

IMG_9461Jasmine backed Joy up in the corner. “I give up!” Joy cried in defeat.

IMG_9462After the tag game was over, we played… “Adventure.”

Emelie and I, the two BFF’s, were going to the jungle to save an endangered species of  orangutans. Then we got encountered by a team of four cannibals! We feared for our life.

IMG_9463Emelie and I hugged each other screaming as the cannibals crept closer.

IMG_9465The cannibals tied us up.

IMG_9466Then two baby orangutans we were saving came in front of us to scare off the cannibals!

IMG_9467*pause for a minute to let Joy and Cécile coo over Coconut and Snowy.*
(it was then that we discovered Joy’s secret – Snowy is alive! :O)

IMG_9468The two baby orangutans chased away the hungry cannibals!


Then the orangutans made them pledge to be vegetarians! XD

IMG_9469Then we played Princesses.

My name was Eve, Jasmine was Rose, and Cécile was Jewel.

Before our father died, he told us never to take our crowns off. Then he told us to run away because an evil witch was after us.

But it was too late. The witch found us, cursed us, then disappeared.

IMG_9470Our curses were:

Me(Eve): I was cursed to sing and never to talk, let I die.
Rose was cursed never to fight, lest she die.
Jewel was cursed never to take off this one special bracelet, lest she die, too.

IMG_9471But one day, we were daring. We HAD to take off our crowns. We couldn’t stand them anymore.

We were so glad we did, because we found out, the curses were in the jewels of the crowns! The witch had disguised herself as our father to tell us that, to trick us(our mother died long before). We ripped the jewel out, and put our crowns back on.

I could talk!

Rose could fight!

And Jewel could finally take off her bracelet!

IMG_9472But the witch soon learned that we were free from the evil curses, and appeared to kill us!

IMG_9473However we outfought her, and she laid on the floor unconscious.

Then the ghosts of our mother and father appeared.

IMG_9475“Good job, daughters.”

Then they disappeared.


IMG_9477After the wonderfully awesome princess game, Josefina, Emelie and I choreographed a gymnastics routine for Joy, CéCé and Jaz to do.


IMG_9479However it didn’t turn out so well….

IMG_9480After the epic fail, we sat down for cupcakes, muffins, and milk! There were also chocolate-free cookies for the pets. ;)


IMG_9487Then it was time to open presents! I was so blessed and grateful for what I got.

From Jasmine: A bracelet that says ‘M’ on it.
The mini dolls: A card that was hard to read, so I had to put my reading glasses on. :-)
From mom(Madi): AN IPHONE!!! *DIES*
From Josefina: A blue shirt with a purple heart and gems on the front.
From Emelie: A blue skirt to go with the top.
From Cécile: A blue headband to go with the outfit.
From Joy: A blue wristband to go with the outfit.

Then to finish off the party, we turned on a playlist of dance music and had an epic dance-off!
Here’s a few of the songs we danced to.

Well, thanks for reading, everyone! Tomorrow we will hopefully have the next part of Hang on to Hope!

Utterly Epically yours,