Hang on to Hope
Season 1, Part 4

IMG_9536A few minutes into dessert, we heard the doorbell ring.

IMG_9537“I’ll get it! It’s Lexi,” Amy jumped up.

IMG_9539“Lexi, I was so worried! Why are you so late?!” Amy exploded at the girl.

“I’m sorry mom, I had to stay after school.” Lexi mumbled, avoiding Amy’s eyes.

“Again?!” Amy questioned. No answer. “We’ll, uh, discuss this later. I want you to meet Isado–Issa.” Amy corrected herself. It was nice of her to try to remember to call me Issa.

IMG_9540The girl came in and turned her attention towards me.

“So you’re the foster girl,” she remarked rather rudely.

“Alexis Taylor!” Jackson scolded.

“It’s not my fault I don’t want a foster kid in the house!” Lexi retorted.

“Alexis, that is enough! Issa is our guest for the time being. You’re to treat her with kindness.” Amy strictly noted.

IMG_9543“Hey, don’t blame her! I don’t even want to be here!” I spoke up.

“That makes two of us,” Lexi nodded. “The sooner you’re gone, the better.”

IMG_9544“ALEXIS!” Jackson roared. “To your ROOM! No supper for you!”

IMG_9545Lexi turned off and ran towards the stairs.

IMG_9546“Issa, I’m terribly sorry…we really do want you here…” Amy was interrupted by me scooting my chair back loudly and stomping off towards my room.

“IN OUR HOUSE WE REQUIRE THAT YOU ASK TO BE EXCUSED BEFORE YOU–Oh, why do I bother? Amy, this child is uncontrollable…” I could heard Jackson’s shouting voice die down to a whisper in the last part.

IMG_9708“Just give it some time. The Lord brought young Issa to us, and He has a plan. I know this wasn’t in vain. Issa will warm up to us, I just know it.” Amy’s voice was the last thing I heard before throwing myself on the bed and crying myself to sleep.

They just didn’t want me!

IMG_9710…or did they?

IMG_9713“Good morning sleepy head! Hope you had a nice time sleeping in this Saturday. I’ve got some breakfast for you.” Amy called from the kitchen the next morning.

IMG_9715“We’ve already eaten, but we saved some muffins for you.” Amy slid a couple warm blueberry muffins on a plate before me as I sat down.

IMG_9717“Where’s Lexi?” I asked as I grabbed a muffin.

IMG_9720“She has a Saturday Morning Bible Study Club she goes to. You’re invited to come, but seeing as you seemed tired I let you sleep in this morning. Maybe next weekend?” Amy replied, wiping a dish.

IMG_9721“Whoever said I’m going to a Bible study? I’m not going to any Bible study,” I told her impudently, taking a bite of my muffin. It was not too sweet, not to blueberry-ish…it was very good, actually.

IMG_9720“Jackson and I would like for you to go,” Amy told me. “It will be a chance for you to make some friends.”

“I don’t need friends. Besides, who wants to waste a perfectly good Saturday morning on a boring Bible study?” I took another bite of my muffin. “Ya got any milk?”

IMG_9722“Oh course…”
Amy, disgusted, walked back to the kitchen. There I could hear Jackson mumbling something to Amy. As Amy replied, I strained my ears to listen.

IMG_9723“Rude … doesn’t want the study … impertinent …. I CAN’T HANDLE HER! …. bad attitude and I ….. No, Jack! I couldn’t! ….. She wouldn’t know why she’s being punished. She wasn’t taught well.”

Those last words from Amy were crystal clear and felt like a knife piercing through my heart. Were they saying my parents were jerks?!

IMG_9724I scooted my chair back and grabbed my plate of half-eaten muffins. I’ll show them.


I threw my plate on the ground (I was surprised it didn’t break) and ran toward the stairs. HA! That’ll teach them not to talk smack about my parents!

IMG_9726Yet as I ran off, I felt compelled to turn around and apologize! Which is highly unlike meBut what was different about this foster couple than from the rest?

To be continued…