(Season 1 is almost over! Can you believe it?!)

Hang on to Hope
Season 1, Part 9

(Told in POV of Issa)

“It is day one of Operation FCA, aka, raising money for it on our own, secretly, without the help of parents,” I announced as we walked to our destination.

IMG_5876What could go wrong?


“We’ve been standing here for hours,” I panted to Lexi, who was standing next to me. We were both holding up signs, saying, “SUPPORT THE FCA” and we had a little donations cup in between us.

Unfortunately, there had been no donations in it.


IMG_5877The sun was just blazing hot. Why I chose to wear a hoodie, tights, and boots, I have no idea. But I was hating life so miserably, I wanted to pass out.

IMG_5879I faked a little pass-out scene, making Lexi giggle.

IMG_5880All of the sudden, a gust of uncomfortably warm wind carried away our signs!

Screaming, we charged after them.

IMG_5881We threw ourselves on top of our flying papers (nearly colliding into one another), exhausted, and thankfully snatched them.

IMG_5882All of the sudden, I caught sight of a passerby.

IMG_5883YES!!! On this terribly lonely road we mistakably chose to advertise for donations, there was ONE passerby!

I waved my sign like crazy, screaming, “SUPPORT THE FCA!!! SUPPORT THE FCA!!!”

IMG_5884The lady glanced at me weirdly, then continued walking.

I was sort of glad she didn’t come near…she looked a little unfriendly…

IMG_5885Lexi and I collapsed against a tree, defeated.

IMG_5887“Issa, you’re burning up!” Lexi gasped, looking at my now red face, sunburnt nose, and sweaty hair. “Let’s go home.”

Day one of Operation FCA: Mission failed.

But there are still plenty of days left in our future.

IMG_5957Day two of Operation FCA.

We cannot possibly fail this time.

If people won’t come to us? We’ll go to them. We plan to go door-to-door, delivering fliers about supporting the FCA.

“Ready to work?” I ask Lexi.

“Ready to fly,” she answers.

(yes…we stole that from the McKenna movie…)

IMG_5958We start off on our skates, each with a bagful of fliers.

IMG_5959We stop dead short when we hear thunder.

“WHAT?!!” I cry. “This can’t be happening!”

IMG_5960It starts to gently sprinkle, and there is proof on the bushes next to us.

IMG_5961“A little rain won’t stop us,” Lexi confidently tells me. “We are determined. Only if there is lightning will we turn back.”

IMG_5962“Let’s do this.”

IMG_5963Lexi pauses to look at a raindrop on her arm, but only for a short while.

IMG_5964We are in full swing as we start off on our roller skates again.


IMG_5966I go faster than Lexi, who struggles to keep up. “Wait up!” She cries. I sigh, and while waiting for her to catch up, I read one of the fliers we are going to pass out.

IMG_5967It says,

“Help support the FCA. Give today. E-mail FCAgirls at me dot com to discuss how to donate.”

IMG_5968A few more raindrops splatter on me as I read the flier.

IMG_5969I hear a scream behind me, and I turn my head.

IMG_5970“Woah….woah….Sorry, I just lost my balance there for a sec,” Lexi nervously tells me after finally catching up.

IMG_5971“C’mon then! Let’s go!” I start off on my skates dangerously fast. I’m eager to deliver at least a couple fliers before it starts down-pouring. “Wait up,” Lexi mumbles, trying to catch up again.

IMG_5972In all her hurrying to keep up with me, she didn’t exactly see the crack in the sidewalk.

IMG_5973I hear a scream behind me again.


IMG_5977I hear a thump.

IMG_5978I hear a cry of help; “Issa!”

IMG_5979I look back, annoyed, and then my annoyed look turns into a shocked one.

I skate over to her.

IMG_5980“Lexi! Lexi! Are you alright?” I exclaim.

“My ankle,” is all Lexi can say, and she is on the verge of tears.

IMG_5981I dart back into the house quickly, screaming, “Amy! Amy!”

IMG_5982My roller skates can’t take me fast enough as I fly into the house, searching for Amy.

When they leave for the doctor, I beg to go with them, but Amy is in too much of a rush and refuses.

I stay home, worried.

I am kicking myself for not waiting for her. I shouldn’t have pushed her. I was unkind, and that’s being a terrible friend.

To be continued