Wow! It’s over already? I’m not going to spoil the finale for you, but, let’s just say, you’re probably going to be waiting anxiously for Season 2! Which will hopefully come sometime this year.

~Now told in the POV of Issa~

IMG_6091I skated back and forth in the Thinking Hall in a pacing sort of way. Well, it’s not actually called the Thinking Hall, I just call it that – I pace there when I need to ponder upon something. It’s just a hall in the house.

IMG_6092I was waiting anxiously for Lexi and Amy to return from Urgent Care. I was so worried about her, and I kept beating myself up for rushing her and being more worried about getting donations for the FCA than her!

IMG_6093I looked at the bag I was still carrying. “Why am I carrying this?” I muttered angrily. “I’m not raising any more money for the FCA, ever again!”

IMG_6094With an angry cry, I through it on the ground.

IMG_6095“It’s all my fault…” I murmured to myself miserably, leaning up against the shelves which had curtains over them.

IMG_6096Just then, I heard the door open.

IMG_6098“Lexi,” I whispered.

IMG_6099I picked up my bag after shoving the fliers back in.

IMG_6100Then I started skating over to the front door.

But Lexi knew me too well, and knew exactly where I’d be. Sooner than I could skate over to the front door, she was at the edge of the hall.

IMG_6101I gasped when I saw her foot.

It was in a cast.

She really had broken it!

IMG_6102I skidded to a stop before her, gawking at her foot. This is all your fault! I told myself silently.

IMG_6103Lexi gave me a grin. “So, I guess now we’re Cast Buddies,” She joked.

IMG_6104“Oh, Lexi! I am so sorry! This is all my fault! I never should have rushed you like that! I am SO SORRY!!!” I blurt out, throwing my arms around her.

IMG_6105“Issa, it’s OK! This was not your fault!” Lexi told me.

IMG_6106I slid against the shelves. “Yes, it is,” I mumbled, choking back a sob.

IMG_6107Lexi hobbled over to me and did her best to slide down next to me. “None of this was your fault,” Lexi told me. “You’re a natural-born leader. You’re made to go fast, that’s what you do. Me? I’m just a klutz. I didn’t see where I was going – it’s really my own fault I broke my ankle!” Lexi laughed at herself.

How could she do that? I wondered. Laugh at her own mistakes?

IMG_6114“Lexi…” I mumbled, turning away and letting out a tear before continuing with, …

IMG_6115“I’ve made a decision. I am not going to try to raise any more money for the FCA. I’ve been too selfish lately. You’re the most amazing friend I’ve ever had, and I can’t keep on doing this knowing…well…it’s really all my fault you broke your ankle. Because of ME, we both broke a bone. I can’t go on. Until your dad can help us, and until we get our casts off and are fully recovered, I’m finished.”

IMG_6116I stood up, on the verge of more tears.

“Is that how you really feel?” Lexi asked quietly.


“Well…I love you Issa. And it’s really not your fault I broke my ankle. When you feel ready to raise money for the FCA again, I’ll be there, right beside you, helping you 100%.” She told me.

“Really?” I asked.