Season 3 of Hang on to Hope has officially started!


This is very important to read for part one to make sense! Some of you may have seen this sneak-peek when you completed the DWOD Level Up survey back in January. But be sure to read this—it’s a mini-part that’s directly after the finale of HOTH season 2 (which I actually recommend you read as well)!

The photos and text were written last year, so excuse the low quality and very old watermark. ;)

But even before this, I’d recommend reading the entirety of the HOTH season 2 finale. It includes some very important clues and foreshadowing early in it you won’t want to miss.

And a quick mini-refresher from the end of the finale of HOTH Season 2:


“COCONUT!” I screech, sprinting out the door and across the sidewalk. I can see the poor puppy now, laying on her side in the road, lifeless and limp. My eyes fill with tears and my heart breaks even more in this moment.


My beautiful, beautiful puppy. Her life has been so short. She’s died so young! But what happened? Who on earth would take her life?


All of the sudden, my legs become weak beneath me. I fall to my knees, fighting back tears, suddenly overcome by the shock and realization.

Who would do this?

Well, duh. My heart skips multiple beats as it dawns on me exactly who has purposely led and somehow kept Coconut in the middle of the road.


Instead of feeling numb and flabbergasted, I grow angrier and angrier with each growing second. Ever so slowly I stand up and turn around, clutching Coconut’s collar with my eyes ablaze with the hottest, burning hatred I have ever felt in my entire life. There he is.

I glare venomously at Connor, having never hated him in years as much as I do in this moment.


Hot tears of fury and grief threaten to spill down my face, but I refused to give Connor the satisfaction. My hands clench into fists so tight they are white.


“Did you,” my voice quivers, and I swallow hard to keep from sobbing. “Did you do this?”


Connor’s face breaks into the most diabolical smirk I’ve ever seen. “Of course not,” he replies innocently. “I made one of your friends do it. And look—there she is.”


I turn my head in the direction Connor points to, expecting it to be Emma or Sarah.

But it’s neither.


It’s Lexi.

HOTH Season 3 Prologue

The moment my daggering glare meets Lexi’s gaze, she jumps up, abandoning her studies. As she darts over to me, she demands, “What is it?” What’s wrong?”

“What do you mean, ‘what’s wrong’?!” I yell, sobs choking my throat. “You just witnessed it!”

“Witnessed what?” Lexi begs.

My screaming has brought Jackson and Amy running outside, and the moment they see Coconut laying in the road, Jackson dashes over to her.

“Everybody stay calm! We’re going to do all we can for Coconut!” Amy orders.

Lexi follows Jackson’s steps and, when she sees Coconut, gasps. Her hand flies to her mouth, open in shock, as tears well in her eyes.

“Don’t act so surprised,” I relentlessly stab her with my loathing glare. “You were working with Connor all along! No wonder you were so reluctant to carry out our plans! Oh, Lexi, how could you?”

“I didn’t!” Lexi wails helplessly. “I would never hurt Coconut! I was studying, heard the howl, but couldn’t find the source of it! I thought it was one of our neighbors’ dogs—I only just now saw Coconut laying in the road, honest!” She now, for the first time, glowers at Connor. “Plus, it’s my word against Connor’s. I’m your friend and would never do something like this, whereas he is your enemy and would totally do something like this.”

“You!” I screech in fury. I struggle to find the words to fit my feelings; anger, hurt, hatred. Finally, with a trembling voice laced with burning wrath, I utter, “I promise that you will be horribly sorry, Connor Cavanaugh.”

For the first time in my life, I can’t hold the tears back even though he’s watching. “This war is over!” I hiss, tears rolling down my cheeks. “I’m telling Jackson and Amy everything!”

Connor just smirks. “You and I both know that if you do that, you’re in serious trouble.”

I study his eyes, tears streaming but heart cheering at my next slow words. “I. Don’t. Care.”

“Everyone, come on!” We all turn at the sound of Jackson’s voice. Amy runs ahead of him, carrying Coconut toward the car. “Coconut is still breathing—she’s got a chance to live if we go to the vet right now!

“Come on, Issa.” Lexi wraps her arm around me as I continue crying.

If Lexi didn’t lead Coconut in the middle of the road, and Connor has been inside the entire time…

Who did Connor order to try to kill Coconut?

To be continued in HOTH Season 3, Part 1!

Coming up next on Hang on to Hope:

Her words strike me dumb, and my mouth opens and closes multiple times in an attempt to say the words.

But I can’t.

I stare down at Coconut’s unconscious body …

Do you think Coconut is going to die?

See you on Friday with HOTH Season 3, Part 1!

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