For the first four or so years of blogging, I had no idea what a button was. And then, toward the end of 2016 when I took a professional route and was visiting more blogs, I realized that everybody had a button! WAAA! Why didn’t I have one too?

After procrastinating and having to do important things first all year, I finally sat down a few days ago and finished up a DWOD button to swap. Because buttons are really smart. Someone puts your mini-ad on their blog, you put up there’s. Ka-blammo! It’s almost like ad service, but you’re bartering for it.

Click the button to head on over to the Buttons page!

Del finally won the vote to be on the button, though I kept flipping between the two buttons I had made (the one above and then one of Ellie) because it was really hard to decide. You won’t believe how happy and excited Del is now. She thinks she’s a mascot or something.

Would you like to swap blog buttons? Just head on over to the brand-new Buttons page and follow the easy-peasy instructions!

Oh, and GUESS. WHAT. I finished ALL of the HOTH shooting yesterday! Part one is coming this Friday, with a Season 3 prologue coming up even sooner! I could almost scream in excitement. But not everyone is awake yet, so I won’t.

Sorry. I distracted you. Bad me. We’re here to talk about button swapping!

P.S. Bella from Doll Habit, I promised you I’d button swap with you first whenever I created a DWOD button, so your button is actually already up there!

P.P.S. I’m pretty darn sure I promised someone else I would swap with them as soon as the button was created, but my brain is being reeeeally mean and I literally cannot remember who. If that’s you, just let me know and I’ll put your button right below Bella’s even if there are other buttons swapped between now and then!

P.P.P.S. Honor system, folks. If that wasn’t you, don’t say it is so you get your button up higher. ‘Cause that ain’t cool, taking advantage of my brain’s rudeness. ;)