Sorry I haven’t bene posting lately! It’s been busy the past 2 days! On thursday, my owner had a full day at P.E., On Friday, she had a thanksgiving party, and today, SATURDAY, Ahhhh, sweet Saturday!  No school, no anything but RELAX and post!

So today I’m going to show you how to make the easiest dress ever for your Mini-Doll or Barbie.

You will need a stretchy sock that does not fit you (ask your parent before cutting up clothes) scissors, and your mini-Doll! For a sash, just get a hair elastic!!

Take OFF all the clothing off your mini doll, and get your sock. You will cut from the wear the toes are and down if you are making a shirt or a dress. Mine’s a dress, so it’s longer than a shirt. (for a skirt cut from the middle and down, and then to make it stay on use the hair elastic)

Cut the neck and arm holes……

Slip it on your doll and your done! Use a hair elastic for the sash! I love my new dress!