Hi! I’m Mini Molly! My name is really Molly-Anne. :)  WOW Is it hard to type because I’m so little! Well, here is an adventure that I just so RECENTLY had!!!

Hello! Mini Molly here. Now, my adventure starts, in a dark, deep forest….. aka Molly’s room.

My owner’s roo- I MEAN, the jungle.

Jump! Wow, this is my owner’s salon chai- I MEAN, a wild tree!!!


Or….not…. AAAHHH!!!!!!

Oh! Yay! Landed on the bed! I slid down, and hey…. this place looks awfully familiar. NO, WAIT, DON’T TELL ME; DON’T TELL ME; I’m in the same place!! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!?!?!

Hmm. I started walking along until…. AAAHHHH!!!!! GIANT DOG!!!!!!!

GET OFF ME!!!!!!!

“Coco!” crooned Molly who had just came home from school.

“Oh My Doll?” wondered Molly. “I didn’t leave Molly-Anne here!!”

“Oh…..well,” Molly said, a little uncertainly, but she took me up and started playing with me for a little while. So, Hehehe! Another adventure in my owner’s r- I MEAN the jungle!! Bye!!