(you might want to read part 1 if you haven’t already.)

IMG_4790Sooner or later, I decided to take a walk around my new neighborhood. I brought my camera along in case I found some gorgeous nature scenery that would make an amazing photo.

IMG_4791I didn’t find anything photo-worthy. There was a butterfly, but it flew too fast for me to get a good picture of it.

All of the sudden, I heard a cry and a thump!

IMG_4792I set my camera down and ran towards the sound.

IMG_4793A girl who looked my age had fallen down!

IMG_4795“Hey there, let me help you up,” I offered. “Thanks,” she smiled, a bit out of breath.

IMG_4796“Hi, I’m Marzette. What’s your name? And are you OK?” I asked the girl. “Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for helping me up. Clumsy me! I’m Sheila, Sheila Robinson. How old are you?” she asked me. “Hi, Sheila! I’m eight years old.” “No kidding, really? Me too!”

Sheila came to be my BFFITWWW. (best friend forever in the whole wide world :p)

IMG_4797We took a selfie of ourselves that very day to remember the day we meet. Sheila was never afraid to do anything, and she had a crazy thing for fashion, even though her styles didn’t always exactly match. Unlike me, I’m shy sometimes and totally intimidated what everyone thinks. We’re so different, but so…made for each other. Milk and coffee’s always been a beautiful blend, we say. Sheila and I played outside all the time together, and the day we went for ice-cream and I dropped my scoop and then Sheila paid to get me a new one was a day I’ll never forget. We laughed when we saw a poodle wearing a tie-dyed shirt and oohed and ahhed at the snake exhibit at the zoo. Then, we decided, we needed to have a playdate – at one of our houses! I asked if my new mom if she could come over, and she said YES.

IMG_4798“So!” I said, smiling. “This is my room.” “Coolio,” Sheila grinned. “But it’s sorta plain. I could help you decorate, if you want.” she offered. “I’d love that!”

IMG_4799Since we weren’t really stocked up on craft supplies and couldn’t really find anything around the house, we decided to decorate another day, this time with my mom’s help. We talked and talked and for once I actually felt happy to be here in this new town and a new life. I felt like I really belonged.

IMG_4800My mom brought in pizza for us, and even though Sheila only took one slice I grabbed the whole pizza and stuck my face in it, saying, “DELICIOUS!” with a mouthful of pepperoni. Sheila said I was hilarious.

IMG_4801I seriously felt like I belonged here, and decided this was a pretty good life, and this was how I’ll live until I go to college or something. Do home-school (Sheila and I were both home-schooled, by the way ;)), play with Sheila.

But the day I met Dijournua was the day that plan changed………