Hey, girls! Madi here! Yesterday my friends came over. They have AG dolls too. Correction: WE’RE SO CRAZY ABOUT AMERICAN GIRL! LOL! So, it was pretty crazy. We played school with our dolls and made a movie about it, but we haven’t finished it yet.

IMG_3939Heh, heh, yeah, this is AFTER the quick spiffy up.

IMG_3940Hey, this doesn’t look too bad! :)

IMG_3941Oooh… but this does…

IMG_3942Our dolls posing for pictures right before my friends had to go! The dolls are not straight or organized or correctly orchestrated any longer… Not that they were in the picture, either. Hehe.

It was fun.

IMG_3943This is my already messy AG Magazine/catalouge stash. Isn’t it TERRIBLE?! Whenever I just sit down at my desk a slippery magazine just falls from a big stack. Poor Gingersnap is back there, too. And the OG car. Trapped by catalouges!

Is it catalouge? Or catalog? I dunno. I’m not Brittish, but I think the Brittish spelling looks prettier. It’s due to the e on the end. Catalog looks ever so plan without an e on the end.

IMG_3944Oh, the mini’s room is no better. At all. Heh, heh! As you can see, I have plenty of cleaning organizing to get done.

What about you? Is your doll room cleaner than mine? LOL!

Enjoy your Saturday!