IMG_7040Cécile was happilly humming one late afternoon as she organized the shoe collection. “Gee, we have so many shoes!” She laughed to herself.

IMG_7041All of the sudden, out of nowhere, the pinch police reached out her sneaky little fingers and pinched Cécile’s hand as hard as she could!

IMG_7042“Ouch!” Cécile cried. “Who pinched me?!”

But the mysteries pinch person was gone!

IMG_7043Josefina was petting Coconut, relaxing after doing a little cleaning.

IMG_7044Uh, oh! The pinch police is after her, too!

IMG_7045“Goodness gracious!” Cried Josefina. “Who did that? That was rude!”

But alas! The mysterious pincher was gone.

IMG_7046Chloe had just sat down to a good emotionally inspirational splurge. “I know exactly who Sapphire the Sprite should meet in the forest!” She declared, grabbing her pen to write it down so she could type it into her story later.

IMG_7047But oh, no! Pinch!

IMG_7048“WHO DARES TO INTERRUPT ME WHILE I’M WRITING?!” Chloe yelled. “And ouch! That hurt!”

But whoever did it disappeared!

IMG_7049Ellie was taking a peaceful nap on the bed. Is that snoring I hear?

IMG_7050Heh, heh. PINCH!

IMG_7051“HOLY TACOS! Who did that?!”

But the pincher was nowhere to be seen!

“Guess I dreamt it…”

IMG_7053Jasmine was pretending to be a glorious model strutting down an imaginary runway.

IMG_7054Watch out, Jazzy!



But the pincher wasn’t there.

IMG_7055Emelie Bennett was preparing to do Emma’s hair.

IMG_7056But what was this? Emelie WAS wearing green! The pinch police had no right to pinch her.

IMG_7057“Sorry, Molls, can’t pinch me. I know what day it is.” Emelie grinned.

IMG_7059“Drat!” Molly laughed.

IMG_7060“Oh, Mollyyy!” Sang a chorus of sneaky dolls who had surrounded Molly. “You’re not wearing greeen!

“What? Yes I am!” Molly sputtered indignantly.

IMG_7061“Correction – you were wearing green,” Jasmine grinned maliciously. “Your green bracelet was so loose, you didn’t even notice me pulling it right off! You know what that means, Pinch Police.”

IMG_7062“NOOOOOO!!!” Molly cried.

IMG_7063“Hehehe!” Laughed the evil dolls as the surrounded the poor pinch police!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, girls! Are you wearing green? If not… Consider yourself pinched!

LOL again!


Madison and her dolls