Hi! I’m Molly and I’ve wanted my own blog for AGES! I’m an American Girl doll, and I am the historical, Molly McIntire.  I’m nine years old in my books about me, but my mom is nine and i can’t be as old as my mom, so, she has had me for about 11 months, so I am 11 months old. :) My mom (my owner) Is Madison and she is CRAZY! But shh, don’t tell her I said that.

My mom got me about a year ago, and she has a few outfits and accessories for me, which either was bought for her as a surprise (only a few) or she saved up for and bought with her own money. SHE IS RICH!!!! She says that about 20 dollars isn’t rich, but gee I’m a doll and dolls are the smartest ever. (Madison: NOT!) And I think it’s RICH! She has twenty dollars currently and she just bought a leotard for me (so I an practice my gymnastics!) and that was six dollars, so 20 minus six, is….. umm….

Okay let me think….. uh…. “MOM! I NEED YOUR HELP! WHAT’S 2O MINUS 6?!” (Madison: 14!) “OKAY!!!” OKay, So I figured out this awesome really hard problem all by myself! It’s 14! So after she pays her dad back for buying it, she will have 14 dollars! :) I AM WEARING THE LEOTARD NOW! it’s so cool. :)

It’s hard to sneak on the computer so many times, but sometimes my mom let’s me.

I will try to post either once every day, or when I’m busy, once every other day. :)

You will see LOT’S of photo-stories, and fun crafts to do with your OWN doll, you’ll have a really fun time.

I know it’s plain right now, but it will improve, don’t worry.

My mom REALLY wants Emily Bennet for Christmas, WHICH IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY! I do, too. :)

What do you want for Christmas or any other Holiday?