IMG_4683Hello, everyone! Jasmine here. Do any of you remember me? The freckled fashionista who’s always looking stylish, decked out in the latest fashion trends?

IMG_4684Today I want to show you my outfit Madison put together for me. It’s designer quality, and believe it or not blue and black is the designer fashion this spring!

IMG_4685Leggings and fancy shoes always go well together. Madison made the leggings, and the shoes are from Molly’s Tap Dance Outfit*.

IMG_4686The dress is from Dollie and Me, and doll clothing company that makes matching outfits for girls and their 18″ dolls.(bows and flower appliqués are totally in-season.)

IMG_4687Of course, braids, twists, and bows are the top hairstyle fashions these days.

IMG_4688Buns complete the look. Classic and stylish if you add some twists or braids or bows. I added all three!

IMG_4689So what do you think of my outfit? Does is scream fashionable or what?

IMG_4690What are your favorite styles to wear this Spring? Do you wear anything extra-special on Easter?


*Molly’s Tap Dance Outfit is retired.