IMG_4710“Coconut, I want to have an adventure today. I want to solve something important. Let’s be detectives!” I, Jocelyn Courtney Copeland, said to Coconut. I loved riding her, but my friend Molly-Anne seemed scared of her. Coconut barked in response. I could only take that as a yes.

IMG_4711“Coconut! Come here! This plant is dying!!” I cried. I had slipped off Coconut to examine the windowsill for possible mysteries.

IMG_4712“The soil isn’t dry! it’s not de-watered…or, anything!”

IMG_4713“This calls for Detective Jocelyn and Dr. Coconut!” I said to my trusty companion.

IMG_4714Coconut woofed in response, looking excited. Wagging her tail anxiously…

IMG_4715….we scouted the area for clues! I checked the plant more closely and Coconut sniffed around.

IMG_4716“Dr. Coconut! I found something!” I cried, examining a piece of paper behind another potted plant. “Look!”

IMG_4717I read it aloud to her. It was the instructions for those plants! Not the other pot, but the one with the dying plants. Turns out, those where sunflowers! I read the whole thing, but the text that caught my attention was, “….Transplant when the plants are 3″ to a larger pot or to your garden. Make sure to add plant food when plants are 3″ tall.” “That’s it!” I screamed. “These plants have outgrown their pot. Do these plants look bigger than three human inches to you? Of course they do. No wonder they’re dying. They need more room to grow, plus plant food. Let’s got tell one of the big dolls or Madison!”

IMG_4718“We did it, Coconut! We solved the mystery!” I hugged Coconut.

IMG_4719The first successful mystery of Detective Jocelyn and Dr. Coconut. Case closed, we decided.

Do you like to solve mysteries? Do you like to read mystery books like my all-time favorite, Nancy Drew?

(with Coconut too!)

P.S. Look for more mystery adventures with Detective Jocelyn and Dr. Coconut in the future!