IMG_8701*still told in POV of me, Madi*

“I don’t see why this is necessary!” Josefina was complaining as Joy and Emelie led her by the hands to her big surprise. “Blindfolds don’t do anyone good!”

“Oh come on, it’s fun!” Joy laughed.

“Fun for you, maybe. Where am I going, anyways?”

“That’s a surprise,” Emelie reminded.

“Again with the surprises!”

IMG_8702“OK, almost there!” Joy told Josie.

IMG_8703All the dolls crowded around by Josefina and her BIG, BIG surprise.


IMG_8704“THREE!” Joy ripped off the blindfold.


“Oh my gosh! Oh my goodness! Oh my….oh my!” Josefina gawked at the big gourmet kitchen set.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Josefina’s sisters and friends chorused together.

IMG_8706“H-h-how did you know I wanted this?!” Josefina stammered as she stared at the big gift.

IMG_8707“We didn’t – your mother did,” Emelie told her.

“She got it for Christmas for YOU! Of course, you’ll have to share and it’s kind of all ours, but Madison knows how much you love to cook so it’ll kinda be known as your kitchen!” Joy explained.

IMG_8708“Oh, when can we open in?!” Josefina asked, trying to pull off the plastic that bound her lovely kitchen in the box.

IMG_8710Then she pulled everyone in for a group hug!

“Gracias gracias gracias!!!!” Josefina chattered excitingly again and again.

“I mean thank you! SO MUCH!” Josefina grinned.

IMG_8711“I have to say, despite some of the troubles, this has got to be the best birthday yet. I say that every year – but every year, we outdo ourselves!” Josefina laughed.

IMG_8712“Okay, NOW we open it!”

IMG_8713Of course, when my girls say “we” they usually mean me. Opening it. And let me tell you – it’s NOT as easy as it looks. You don’t ever have to worry about accessories being lost or missing from the full package, because Our Generation packages those things GOOD. It took me half an hour to get this thing out of the box! I took a few photos.

IMG_8714This packaging/support came from the bottom of the box. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE?! If you said mini doll shelves, you were right! You can cut them to be different sized shelves if you wanted to. If you have many dolls and plan to get the new OG Gourmet Kitchen Set soon, keep a lookout for this because now your mini doll space will look 100x cuter and more organized with all these shelves! It fits the mini’s perfectly. It could work with your other 6-9″inched sized dolls too, and you can trim it down to fit your tinier-scaled dolls as well.

IMG_8715This was hard to get it out of the box. Now let’s open it!

IMG_8716I thought the refrigerator wouldn’t even come close to how much I thought i’d love the actual kitchen part, but let me tell you, the FRIDGE IS SO STINKIN’ CUTE! It looks just like a real one! The refrigerator doors even open like a real fridge does – not look a cabinet, but a little hard to open. But not too hard – get what I mean?

IMG_8717The bottom is the “Freezer” I love it so much!

IMG_8718Here it is fully unpackaged and out of the box! My dolls and in LOVE IT SO MUCH! Some of the food items don’t fit right or don’t fit at all in the side shelves/drawers/things of the fridge on the doors, but that’s OK.

Now that it’s unpackaged and one of my posting computers (the one I’m on right now!) is working, AGSM’S ARE COMING UP! As well as photo stories! Of my dolls cooking and cleaning and getting snacks form the kitchen! I stayed up ’till 10:00pm last night playing with this! Hehe!

I totally recommend the OG Gourmet Kitchen Set 100% if you want it! I love it! I rate it four and three-fourths stars at out 5 just because of the food items not being scaled to fit in some of the containers on the fridge. But that doesn’t bother me too much. Everything else is just perfect!

Happy birthday Josefina!