*told from my (Madi) point of view*

Molly had been wandering around outside, crying. She was really upset she had hurt Jasmine’s feeling so badly and was beating herself up about it. She was telling herself what a horrible doll she was, how ugly she was, and how unthoughtful and mean she was.

image“Oh, I’m so horrible! I’m so stupid! It would have been better for EVERYONE if I had never been made!” Molly was telling herself again, when a sound from a little ways away floated to her ear. She hid behind the shade of the tee and peeked out.

image“Oh! NO! It’s Jasmine! Is that a cast on her ankle? Oh no… She’s come after me! She’s still mad!” Molly gasped, suddenly afraid.

imageJasmine heard a sound a little ways away and looked over. “Is that… No, it couldn’t be!” Jasmine gawked.

image“It is!!! It’s Molly! I found her! Thank you God!”

Jasmine must have celebrated a little too loudly, for the frightened Molly heard some commotion and thought it was Jasmine yelling at her.

image“Wait! Molly!” Jasmine cried out cheerfully.

imageMolly, frightened, turned around and bolted in the other direction. She tripped once or twice over her long dress.

 “Molly! Stop!” Jasmine cried out, “crutching” as fast as she could towards Molly. Molly thought Jasmine was after her to start a fight, and Jasmine thought Molly was running away from her because she was angry!

imageA panting Molly hid and rested behind a big bush. She gasped for breath, peeking through the bush’s branches every so often to see if Jasmine was there. “I think I lost her,” Molly concluded, relieved.

imageJasmine was worn out from the lost chase as well, and decided to rest behind that nice shaded bush.

imageJasmine leaned against the wall, not realizing Molly was next to her (Molly didn’t notice either.).

imageIt wasn’t until they bother looked towards each other that they realized they were standing together! Both girls jumped of surprise. Molly’s eyes flashed with fear and she turned to scramble away again.

image“Molly wait!” Jasmine grabbed Molly’s arm.

“Jasmine please don’t be mad! I promise I didn’t mean to say all that, I…I…”

image“…I’m so sorry.”

imageJasmine pulled Molly in for a hug. They both cried happy tears. Then Jazzy explained how she wasn’t trying to chase after Molly, she was just worried about her friend. They both apologized, forgave each other and forgot all transgressions.

image“You know, it still is Josefina’s birthday, even if it is going to be dark soon. We still have time to give her the big surprise!” Molly smiled, sniffling a little.

“You’re right!” Jasmine grinned, wiping her cheek.

imageThey both walked home together, laughing and talking and Jaz explaining her broken ankle and all, Molly asking to sign it.

imageJosie’s birthday wasn’t over yet. The big birthday gift was yet to be given

Stay tuned for part 4!

P.S. Sorry this post took so long. BOTH my posting computers are broken (but will be fixed soon) (ugh) and I’ve bee busy – Sunday night was Awards night. For doing a lot of scripture, reading the whole New Testament, quoting the New Testament books in order, as well as the Ten Commandments, my brother and I were part of the group that got the biggest award. I was so proud and happy! My parents were there and everything. And last night, and friend came over and stayed until after midnight. His mom came to pick him up at 6:30, but you know how mom’s are: they talk and time flies without realizing it! It was 1am before we got to bed! LOL!

So, tonight, I finally put my mind to it and faced the difficulties of posting mobile.

Andtada! Not as hard on aniPad ink a  it was was onmom’s phone! Here it is! HURRAY!

Anyways… Stay tuned! LOVE YOU ALL!