IMG_8582*now told in the POV of Jasmine*

It had been hours since the party…the fight…the run…and my fall. I was laying in the makeshift “hospital” bed (aka Madison’s bed) with a broken ankle. Since then, I had lot’s of time to think.

A lot.

I was lonely, tired, and could still replay the moment over and over in my mind.

“She’s not my mom!”

“Well sorry! … Miss grouchy pants! … They were so bad … YOU had to be taken away from them!”

Sometimes I would cry. Most of the time I would lay there, fall asleep, and have nightmares about my life before I came here.

IMG_8583I glanced over at my cast and cringed at the sight of it. Why?

I glanced over at the clock. 5:01 pm. It had been exactly six hours, thirty-two minutes and 27, 28, 29, 30 seconds since Josefina’s party…and I ruined it.

IMG_8584I glanced over at my crutches. Ugh. I had to use those to walk now for weeks. Weeks. 

IMG_8586I sighed and laid back a little more on my oversized pillow. I stared at the clock. Why were they late? Josefina and everyone were supposed to visit me at 5…

IMG_8589I looked up to see Madison. “Only one visitor at a time,” she was telling my friends.

IMG_8590Josefina came in first. “Oh my goodness! Jasmine, are you alright?!”

IMG_8592“I brought you some flowers!” Josefina handed me a lovely bouquet. “Oh, thanks Josie. And to answer your question, I’m OK. Just bored, I guess. I’m glad you came – even if it was a little late.”

“Can…Can I see your cast?” she asked shyly.

IMG_8593“Yeah, sure.” I pulled up the hospital-ish blanket to reveal my purple cast.


“Oh that’s just awful! Not the cast, I mean, the cast looks pretty on you, but, you know, that’s just horrible that you need one!” Then she started raving in Spanish. I sighed. She did this when she was emotional.

“Oh, Dios mío, no lo puedo creer! No es justo! Eso es simplemente horrible que tuvo que romper su tobillo, ¡oh Dios sólo totalmente horribles!!!”

Then Madison called her.

“Lo siento!” She told me. “Uh, I mean, sorry. I didn’t realize I was speaking in Spanish.”


“Wait! Josefina…I’m sorry I ruined your party. I let my hurt feelings spoil your birthday. I’m really sorry.”

“My birthday? Psshhh who cares? You’re the one with a broken ankle. Don’t think about it. It’s OK – my party doesn’t matter. I had fun.”

IMG_8597“BESTIE!!!! ARE YOU OKAY?!!!!!!!!!!” Cécile screamed and bounded on top of me. She didn’t care if I had a cast.

IMG_8598“Here let me sign it!” CéCé grabbed a pen and wrote “best friends” on my cast.

IMG_8599“Did it hurt?” she asked me as she slid under the covers with me.

“Yeah, it hurt a lot. But I didn’t cry…that has to count for something right? Well, ok, I FELT like crying when they put my bones in place. It hurt so bad, I wanted to SCREAM!”

“Does it hurt now?”

“Nahhh. It just itches, which drives me crazy to no end, ’cause I can’t itch it! UGH!” I laughed.

IMG_8600We talked for a little bit before she had to go, and Joy came in.

IMG_8601“Oh my gosh! Are you OK?!”

“Wow, everyone says that. I’m alive, and breathing, so yes!” I smiled.

“I wish I could sign your cast but I don’t have a pen on me.” Joy frowned.

“You can do it later.”


IMG_8602“Hey, can you fluff this pillow a little bit? I think it’s hurting my neck. It’s at this weird position.”


IMG_8605“Thanks, that feels better. Hey, what’s this?”

“This is for you,” Joy smiled, handing me a beautiful poster. “I made it.”

“Wow…I love it, Joy! Thanks so much.”

IMG_8606I gave her a hug and then she left and Emelie came in.

“Oh my dears! Oh my stars! Oh my…oh my!”

I could hardly keep from grinning. She sounded so wonderful in her British accent when she was upset/worried.

IMG_8607“Oh dear, oh dear oh dear! Let me fluff your pillow a bit more for you.”

“Um, thanks.”

“Oh my GOSH!!! Are you alright? Does your ankle hurt? Can I get you a glass of water? Or anything? At all?” Emelie ranted.

IMG_8608“I’m fine, thanks! I’m just lonely. So what’s going on?”

“Nothing much. We’re trying to get Josefina’s birthday present together without her knowing.” Emelie sighed.

“You mean the k–“

“SHHH! She’s right outside the door…”

“Oh, sorry.”

We continued talking for a little bit, then Madison said I needed my rest. “But I’ve been resting for over six hours! I’m LONELY!” I whimpered.

“Doctors orders,” she reminded. “MY orders.”

I sighed. Even if she wasn’t my mom, she was still in charge of me.

IMG_8612“Wait, Emelie!” I grabbed her arm before she left.

“What is it? I have to leave!”

IMG_8613“Is…is Molly going to visit me?”

“Umm…about that. Molly kinda ran off.” Emelie squirmed.


“She mumbled something about having alone time then darted out of the party room and we haven’t seen her since. She’s probably fine though.”

IMG_8614“FINE? If we can’t find her she’s not fine! I have to go after her!”

“I though y’all were mad at each other.”

Then came the glare. I glared at her. That special icy glare.

“I don’t care. She’s my friend. What if she fell, too? What if she’s lost?” I spoke.

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting?” Emelie asked.

“Emelie! Why aren’t you out? Jasmine, lie down! You have a broken ankle for goodness sakes!” Madison came in the room.

“Madison, I feel much better! Can I get dressed and walk around?” I pleaded.

“I don’t know…you look tired.”

“Who, me? Besides, some fresh air would do me good!”

Those words seemed to sound reasonable to Madison, and she let me get dressed and take a walk.

IMG_8616“Oh my gosh,” I gasped as I walked around. “These crutches are hard to use! My arms hurt so bad!”

IMG_8618“But I have to find Molly. I need to talk to her.”

IMG_8619I had been walking for a while, and was out of breath. My arms were sore, and I needed to rest.

IMG_8620With my last bit of strength, I crutched/walked/walked-with-cruthes over to a tree and leaned against it, dropping my crutches.

IMG_8621“Oh no…where could Molly be?” I said to myself, taking a few deep breaths.

IMG_8622“Will I ever find her?”

IMG_8623“God, help me find my friend.”