IMG_4577Hola there, everyone! Hello! Today is my birthday, and we had a nice party. Here is how it went. So I was standing at the edge of the party room, hoping, hoping, HOPING all the guests would come. The invitations I sent out surely arrived to them safely…or at least I hoped. “Oh don’t be silly,” I told myself. “You know everyone’s coming. For goodness sake, you actually HANDED the invitations to your sisters. And your friends confirmed they’d be there. So why are you nervous?” I argued with myself for a while on why I should be nervous and what could go wrong. This was my first time actually hosting a party on my own. Mama helped with the baked snacks, but otherwise, I’d done the party planning, decorating, and all. There were so many things that could go wrong. What if someone ate too much and got sick? What if they lost their snacks to the carpet?! What if..what if…. I was interrupted by a big, loud…

IMG_4578“….Happy Birthday, Josefina!” I glanced up to see my adopted sisters, Molly and Cécile, and my friends Jasmine and Emilie. I couldn’t help but smile. Why was I such a worry wart? Nothing could ruin a great party with friends. “Gracias!” I cried. “Thank you! Welcome to my birthday party. I have some fun activities planned after we eat, but otherwise, what would you all like to do first?”

IMG_4579“Presents!” They all cried. “Open them! Open them!”

IMG_4580“Well, OK then,” I smiled. I was so blessed, I hadn’t thought about presents when I was planning the party. I only thought of what my guests would love to do, and what would be fun for them.

IMG_4581“This is such a gorgeous bag!” I cried, after un-wrapping it. “Molly and I made it,” Emilie said proudly. “Thank you so much Molly and Emilie, this messenger bag is soooo beautiful!”

“Psst, look inside,” Molly grinned.

IMG_4582“Oh my gosh! Gray knee-high socks, just like the ones I saw in the store! They’re so beautiful!” I cried. “Mom made them for you,” Molly told me.

IMG_4583“Jasmine picked the colors for this present, and I made it for you,” Cécile told me. “OK,” I said, ripping it open.

IMG_4584“This is such a colorfully braided headband! I love it, thank you, Jasmine and Cécile.” I thanked them. I put in on right away, even though it didn’t even match with what I was wearing.

IMG_4585I gathered everyone into a big group hug.

IMG_4586“Don’t get all mushy, guys,” Jasmine said, even though she too had been touched by the hug. “Let’s EAT!” Of course how could hungry Jasmine forget the snacks? haha

IMG_4587“Help yourselves!” I announced to everyone.

IMG_4588Everyone crowded around the table, eager to get their hands on those tasty cupcakes, cookies,  glasses of milk and other dainties. I made sure each guest had what they wanted before I ate some delicious food myself.

IMG_4589After eating, we played hide-and-go-seek, tag, duck-duck-goose, telephone, family and even made up stories to tell. “I don’t want the party to end just yet,” Jasmine groaned, but there was nothing else to do!

IMG_4590“It doesn’t have to,” Molly grinned. “Look what I brought!” She held a boom box in her hand. “Let’s get dancing!”

IMG_4591We danced in couples when romantic music played…. (since Cécile did not have anyone else to dance with, she got to pick the romantic music. :))

IMG_4594And we they danced freestyle! We shimmied and shook, boogied and samba’d, we twirled and swirled and jigged and salsa’d! (lol, they rhymed!:)

IMG_4592Some danced duets and solos!

After an hour straight of just dancing nonstop, you can probably guess that we were pooped! We plopped on the floor and rested for a while before…

IMG_4595Click! Mama took a family photo of us. It was a great way to end my birthday party. I was so happy we all had so much fun, especially together.

When is your doll’s birthday? Do you celebrate your doll’s birthday?