Hello everyone! Good evening! Madison here. Today was such a lovely spring day for me, and right after lunch I took some great photo’s of them. We were busy after that, though, so I couldn’t post them for a while. But here I am, and ready to share with you all the great photo’s I took!

IMG_4596I just L-O-V-E the blurred look. I tried focusing them, but it blurred the whole thing instead. I love this look!

IMG_4597Oh yay, it’s in focus now. :p

IMG_4598I did a new style on Molly-Anne’s hair….nifty knots! I also side-swept her bangs. They wouldn’t stay swept to the side, though, so I wet them and put a clear elastic over her head as a hair-band, catching the tips of her bangs. It helped to keep them in place. This is my first time styling Joceltyn’s hair all down. Isn’t it pretty? (Celina was stuck inside with a cold. :()

IMG_4599These two best friends loved the beautiful day.

IMG_4600They had so much fun….

IMG_4601They sat in the shade on a wooden ladder to a tree fort (not really in a tree…) for a bit, just chatting.

IMG_4603“I see you!”

IMG_4604“I wonder what lays beyond the wooden boards of the fort? Only one way to find out!” *looks beyond, wonders how they will ever get down* “hmm, on second thought, staying up here sounds good too.” “If we can’t get down, how did we get up in the first place?” “That’s a very good question.”

IMG_4605Yay! ground again. :) Molly-Anne is giving Jocelyn a pretty flower.

IMG_4606“Thanks Molly-Anne! Doesn’t it look pretty in my hair? Here, I’ll put this one in your hair.”

IMG_4607This one HAS to be my favorite photo, besides the “I see you!” one and the blurred one. :)

Which one was your favorite photo? Are you excited that springtime is finally here? Is it warm weather where you are?