WHEWWW! is it ever COLD outside! Madison here….only in Texas can it get from sunshiny and warm to an icy frost in one day! I just came in from taking pictures for Josefina’s photoshoot. It was actually beginning to hail outside! Tiiiiny pieces of ice that sounded like rain where time-to-time pelting us! LOL! Just wait until it REALLY starts to hail. I’m glad we’re inside and all warmed up! So here are the photo’s of Josefina. I put her eyelids right next to a drippy icicle for a really neat photo….thank God the icicle didn’t drip on her! And then once a tiny piece of eye landed on her eye lid and almost in her eye. It’s a dangerous place for dolls out there! :o

IMG_3281So first I dressed her in this. Pretty, right?

IMG_3282 Notice her hair. See how it’s kinda wavy-ish/curlyish? I did the Ponytail Twist on her hair!


Then I replaced her red skirt with a beautiful blue ribbon sash….and took her outside! Here is the icicle picture. Isn’t it so pretty?

Another icicle picture!

By the table!




Her pretty boot hiding in the grass!

Yuck! Josefina, don’t get in that! You’ll get your pretty outfit, boots, and skin all dirty…plus you’ll be cold!


A stream! Josefina, don’t you dare GET IN THAT! You’ll be freezing!
Josefina says she wants it to freeze so she can skate on it! Sorry, Josie, but we don’t have any skates! Well, we could make some out of those boots but….hey, don’t get any ideas!


Uh oh. Tiny hail! Do you see it on that big yellow leaf? The rain we heard….it was tiny pieces of ice! Uh oh.

SHE GOT ICE IN HER HAIR!!!!!!! *freaks out* We’re getting you inside NOW, Josie!

But not without another pretty picture! :D

Josefina loves the space heater now! :D

Is it getting colder where you are? Did you get a frost yet? The weather report on all of our phones says it might snow today or tomorrow. I can’t wait to do Emilie’s photoshoot then. She’ll look so pretty in the snow!


Madison and Josefina