alltogetherGood afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! XD just kidding. Madison here, and today I am going to show you an awesome Thanksgiving Craft you can make for you and your doll(s)!

You will need:
•a sheet of yellow construction paper
•a sheet of black construction paper
•tape/glue stick
•a craft popsicle stick. (I didn’t have one so I used an old paintbrush that had lost it’s bristles. Now, don’t go around snipping the bristles off your paintbrushes! Get an adults help for this craft if you need it.)
and a •marker/pencil (not shown)

OK, so make a Pilgrim hat design with your marker on your black construction paper. Cut it out.

Craft 3
Then design a nice buckle with your marker on your yellow construction paper. Cut it out.

Craft 4
Now cutting out the circle/sqaure/oval in the middle might be hard to do. Ask for an adults help if you need it!

Craft 5
Now take your tape or stick glue and put it all around the bottom of your buckle.

craft 6
Stick it onto your Pilgrim Hat.

craft 7
Now glue/tape your popsicle stick/anyothercraftstick onto the back of your Pilgrim Hat.

craft 8
When it dries, you have an awesome Pilgrim Hat “costume” stick for your dolls! Isn’t this neat? Wrap an elastic or rubber band around her hand as shown and then stick the stick between it for your doll to hold it. You could even get creative with different colors of construction paper and different designs to create a turkey or an Indian. Or, anything else your heart desires!
Happy crafting!


Madison and Molly