Yesterday, Josefina had an adventure with mom and her brother! (who we call dad, but technically he would be our uncle.)

Passing it to you, Josie!


Josefina here!! :)

 Mama packed my lunch and then I began my adventure.

¡vamonos, everyone! Let’s go!

I sat in fort M and R and decided to check out my lunch.

I wonder what’s in there?

Ooooh! A drink, some apple slices in a bag,

and a cheese sandwich.


After I ate I decided to swing for a little while.


Then I rested. My eyes got drowsy, and I dozed off in this peaceful and windy but warm afternoon, listening to the calm, playful shrieks and laughter of mom and dad swinging and playing and doing all sorts of odds and ends…..ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

When I woke up, I found myself posing for the camera. I flashed a big smile, and here I am! On a blog! And not just any blog, no, it’s DELIGHTFUL WORLD OF DOLLS!!!!!!! 
Just kidding ;)
(with Molly and Cecile!)
(and Madison too. ;))