Hey, everyone! I just came back from ANOTHER sleepover with mommy’s BFF’s, celebrating her BFF’s birthday! (her BFF’s are sisters) I’m just famished, so while I’m resting here and while Josefina just offered to get me something to eat, I’ll tell you all about it!
First, mom went to Six Flags Over Texas with her BFF’s! Too bad I couldn’t come. I stayed with her BFF’s dolls, though, and we had the time of our lives! Mommy said she road on a roller coaster, rode numerous rides but her favorite was ‘Crazy Legs™’, and then she ate lunch with her BFF’s and family  Then they rode home. They ate dinner(pizza! yummy ;)) then they celebrated her BFF’s birthday! (no, her BFF’s are not twins, although they are sisters. They are celebrating the youngest of the sister’s birthday. Isn’t it amazing that her BFF’s birthday was on Good Friday?) She got some awesome stuff from AG, but she was just jubilant when her sister gave her Mini Ruthie! It looked just like her doll, MAG #55.

 Speaking of MAG #55, we curled her hair using the curlers from the Hair Care Kit mom’s BFF also got for her birthday! (Her bFF named MAG#55, Sara.)

(they put the curlers in, slept for the night, woke up and took the curlers out to reveal beautiful curls. We’re at the next day now.)

Aren’t the curls just absolutely GORGEOUS? 

After that…..MY TURN WITH THE CURLS! hehe ;)

Lookin’ pretty!

Sittin’ pretty with her BFF’s older doll, Hope. 
Then, we watched “Molly: An American Girl on The Home Front” that mom’s BFF also got for her birthday! I can’t believe they got MY MOVIE!!!! I LOVED IT!

 After the movie, we took out my curlers. I love my new curls!

Aww man! Time to go ALREADY? I had such an awesome time! 
At least I get to have my hair styled by Mom’s BFF’s before we go!

The older BFF brushing my hair,

And the younger BFF (whose birthday we are celebrating) spritzing it! :)

I’ll miss them SO much! I loved sleeping over with their dolls, watching my movie, getting our hair done and overall spending time with my doll BFF’s and mommy’s BFF’s! At least we get to see them tomorrow at church for Easter! Hurray! We love Easter….JESUS IS ALIVE! Easter egg hunts and adorable bunny rabbits are fun, yes, but we must remember that the TRUE meaning of Easter is that Jesus is alive!!!! He rose from the dead: he died for our sin!
We drove home, and now here we are, a few hours later, sharing our adventure with you!
We hope you enjoyed!
Molly and Madison
(with Mommy’s BFF’s, their dolls which are MY BFF’s, Josefina and Cecile!)
P.S. Bad news….we brought Coco with us, but forgot to bring her BACK! Oh no! But, thankfully, we texted them and hope they’ll bring Coconut with them to church tomorrow.)