Hey, everyone! Joy’s birthday is coming up soon….and I need YOUR help!

I have a $5 Target gift card to buy her some cute stuff at the “$1-or-$3” spot in Target, so that’s good. But we’re working on the house, so how will I celebrate her birthday? I wanted to host a themed party(still thinking on what theme…) for her, but her birthday falls on a Saturday which is our main day for working on the house. Tomorrow is the Saturday before her birthday – we unload our pods into our new house that day! I’m excited! Well anyways…

I need your advice! How can I celebrate Joy’s birthday? I’ve got tape and present wrap, so that will add a lot to the photos I’ll take of my girls celebrating her birthday. But when will I have her party? Every single day is precious to working on the house since we only have…less than 17 days until we move in! And we have to paint, put new flooring in, scrape popcorn off the ceiling(it’s an old-fashioned), etc…My dad is finding someone to help us do all this as well. What if February 28 is a much-too-busy day to spend a couple of hours for Joy’s party? (that includes setting it up, taking pictures, and posting it on here.)

What do I do then? I can’t just neglect my doll’s birthday…so here’s my idea. I could have her birthday party on a not-so-busy day that week. But I don’t know our schedule, so what if EVERY day is busy? 

Please comment with your ideas/solutions/thoughts! I’d love to know how you’d do this if you were me.