Joy here! I have to apologize, the past few weeks have been hectic for this little delightful world of dolls and I forgot all about Joy’s Journal! We’re all excited about the Mines of Malaysia series (and part 2 is coming up soon!!) but here is my reaction to the part I play:

IMG_6781 IMG_6782 Pulling hair!!!! IMG_6787 IMG_6789  IMG_6791 IMG_6794 IMG_6796 IMG_6797 IMG_6798 IMG_6800 IMG_6802Emotional, painful, ouch ouch ouch stressful….ughhhhhh! I HAD TO BE TOSSED INTO THE AIR A MILLION TIMES, AND PUSHED DOWN THE STAIRS TWO TIMES TO GET THE PHOTOS FOR MINES OF MALAYSIA! If there was a contest for who said “OW” the most times in a whole day, I would have won an Olympic gold medal. I almost pulled my wig off I was in such distress!!! But thankfully….(God is so good!) I felt better in no time with a lot of loving praise from Madison and I got to rest and eat ice cream! hehe….I should get hurt more often.

On second though, maybe not.

On third thought, I’d get more ice cream!

Four thought, that would actually be very painful…

Fifth though – ICE CREAM!

Sixth though – pain???

Seventh though – ICE CREAM!!!!!!?

Eighth thought – hurt, pain, OUCH

Ninth thought – ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!

Tenth thought – too much pain. I’ll stick to getting hurt on accident thank you very much.

Well, that takes care of Joy’s Journal for this week! Instead of reading FROM my journal, I just wrote a whole journal entry on here. That’s how I’ll do it from now on. What else is a blog for?! (well this is a mix of a site/blog, so, yeah.)


P.S. Madison’s note – only one doll was slightly harmed in the making of Mines of Malaysia series. :) ;)