Just wanted to let you know that today is the last day to enter the Autumn Stroll Outfit giveaway! Tomorrow I’ll pick and choose a random winner.

Even if you’re already entered, there’s still time to get bonus entries. Check out the original post here.

Also, I’ve been sending emails out to all DWOD’s subscribers asking them to switch over and sign up for our new email list instead! If you haven’t done that yet (I still have about five pages of subscribers to email… XD) please do so here!

You’ll still get notified of my posts. The only difference is that with an e-mail list, you’ll also get exclusive content that won’t always be posted on here… like special discounts from doll stores and epic stuff like that. Found only on the DWOD email list. >:)

I’d love it if you’d sign up below if you haven’t already! (And if I accidentally email you again asking you to subscribe, forgive my ignorance and just tell me you were smarter and subscribed already. XD)


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you haven’t already or snag some bonus entries while you can! ↓

Aaaaand one more thing… thoughts on the new design?

I got the entire thing completely redesigned by myself in about six hours (my dad just had to help me color the logo [it was a different color] in an editor I didn’t know how to use). I don’t even know what to say. ?

Love you and am praying for you every day!