SO SORRY this part came SO LATE! Yesterday I hurt my tailbone so bad my mom thought it was broke and I might’ve had to go to the doctor 0.0 But my dad didn’t feel deep in his heart from God that it was an emergency, so phew *relieved look* Well, here’s the next part of Liberty…told in the point of view of Rosetta.

IMG_6374I longed for Midnight. We had roamed in search of somethign I couldn’t name – maybe trying to find a town or city – but Midnight had been bitten by a snake. And….and….died.

IMG_6375It was night now and I was stuck without a horse. Throwing myself against the ground in frustration, I thought about how long I had gone without food – not to mention water.

IMG_6376I felt I would surely pass out. It had been Two days without the slightest taste of eat or drink.

IMG_6380I cried out to God remembering some faith I had seen the Americans practice. I needed hope….

IMG_6381I was better off at the O’teeles!

IMG_6382At least I was well fed. Sure, I did hard work, but I was in good health.

IMG_6383All of the sudden I heard a noise and slight whispers. I whipped around towards the sound.

IMG_6384But all was silent.

IMG_6385The night air was still as if it was holding her breath.

IMG_6387“Who goes there?” I spoke in strained English.

IMG_6388Not a sound. I heard a twig snap behind me.

Was I surrounded?

IMG_6389“H-h-hello? Show yourself!”

IMG_6390I pulled my rebozo over half my face to disguise myself.

One thing was for certain.

I wasn’t alone.