IMG_6407I made it through the night with my life. I fixed my hair neatly and found my way into town – praise the Lord if I ever knew Him. I was in the market now, begging for food or at least some water. I was so weary and week…

IMG_6408Everyone ignored me or swatted my pleading hands and told me to move on. I looked at a nearby horse trough full of water and missed Midnight – but I ran to it and threw my head into it and slurped and gulp, despite my dignity.

IMG_6409“Please! Spare me a spare tortilla or at least spoiled squash!” I begged to everyone at the market. “¡Por favor! Ahórrate una tortilla de repuesto o, al menos, calabacines echados a perder!

IMG_6412I then spotted a Americano – a little girl who looked at me with pity but her mother told her to “come along” – and I decided to follow her.

To be continued…..