IMG_4996“Stop! Halt! Cease! Come back here right now!” Mrs. Annigan screamed after me. She was the lady who ran the orphanage. I ran for dear life. I’m Emmi. It was a chilly November day, and although it was sunny, it felt just the opposite. My legs were freezing and my arms has chilly goose bumps in the cold.

IMG_4997I looked back. She was catching up!

IMG_4998“Just keep running, just keep running!” I told myself, although I was freezing! “You’ll warm up faster that way!”

IMG_5001So I ran as fast as my legs would carry me.

IMG_5003It was the early 1900’s, yet past the Victorian era, and I was running away from the orphanage. I zig-zagged between passerby’s and I know I lost Mrs. Annigan.

I crouched behind a food cart and could hear one girl talking to Mrs. Annigan.

IMG_5004“Excuse me, ma’am, is anything the matter?” the girl asked a very distraught Mrs. Annigan. “Yes, my good girl, there is everything the matter! I am chasing a very bad runaway girl and I need help catching her!” Mrs. Annigan answered.

IMG_5005“I’ll tell an officer!” The girl told her.
(sorry so bright)

“Yes, yes, my good girl, thank you! Be off with you, catch that officer quick now!”
(sorry so bright)

IMG_5007“I’ll catch that naughty little orphan if it’s the last thing I do.”

IMG_5008Hearing that, I dashed from behind the food cart and into a deserted alley.

IMG_5009Grime and grout where everywhere, as well as june beetle, bugs, and loose trash. No one would expect to find me here.  I had to find Mama and Oakwood Lane.

IMG_5010Oakwood Lane was my home. And Mama was life.


P.S. Hi girls! Madison here! What do you think of this series? Kind of my own version of Little Orphan Annie. xP XD