(If you haven’t read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, or Part 4 already please do so this makes sense! ;) Remember this is set in the early 1900’s but past the Victorian era.)

IMG_5101We did what we planned – slipping through the bars to find where the jail officers kept their food stored for the prisoners since the officer would not let us eat until we told them more about ourselves. Unfortunately, the food was what I had heard Naomi call it, “mystery meat.” I tried it, and threw it right back up. It tasted AWFUL! It looked like raw meat with tarter sauce burnt on it or something!It tasted even worse.

We couldn’t carry on like this! So when the officer fells asleep (miracle, huh?) we escaped.

IMG_5102And ran for our lives!

IMG_5103We ran…

IMG_5104…..and ran….

IMG_5105….and ran…..

IMG_5106….and ran…..

IMG_5107….and ran!

IMG_5108Finally, just as the sun started to set over the pond nearby, we rested in the shade of the tree. It felt good to rest. This warm change in the chilly November wind was nice, but I knew it wouldn’t last long. Winter was coming, and soon.

IMG_5109“Well, I guess we don’t have anything else to do. Acorn is gone, we don’t have any food, and even if we did I’m just too tired to eat anymore. Even talking is draining my energy. Besides, my mouth is dry and I’m thirsty.” I complained. Naomi just focused on breathing.

IMG_5110Finally, Naomi piped up, “Oh my gosh! That’s Mrs. Bunch, a friend of my mama’s! She’ll take care of us, come on!” “And she’s riding ACORN!” I cried.

IMG_5111“Mrs. Bunch! Mrs. Bunch!” Naomi cried. I shyly followed her. “Well if it isn’t Naomi! I haven’t seen you, girl, since forevah! Tell me just what are you youngins’ up to? Who’s your friend?” Mrs. Bunch asked us.

Finally, the whole story came out, how I escaped from the orphanage to finding Naomi to finding Acorn to getting so hungry we went to jail willingly to escaping jail after finding out what kind of food was served their to finding Mrs. Bunch. After taking a deep breathe and an abrupt breath, Mrs. Bunch smiled. “Well I’ll be! You poor kiddo’s must be starving, thirsty, and wearing. I am well ranked in this society and my husband has a well-paying job. Come live with me, girls. You will be treated well, fed well, and raised up to be proper young ladies!” Mrs. Bunch offered.

IMG_5112“We’d love to, ma’am,” I thanked her, speaking for both of us. “Good! Now, you two girls try to fit both on this horse and I’ll give you a ride home.”

Life turned around slightly for Naomi and I. Now if only I could find my mother, and we could live together happily again. All would be well.

To be continued!!