Hi girls! I promise the next part of Little Orphan Emmi will up tomorrow, I had a four-hour “Father’s House Summer Camp 2014” thing today, full of swimming and water-ballon activities! It was too late to get my dolls ready, go outside and take the pictures (they keep falling down with the wind. Arrrg!) come back inside, set my dolls down, upload photos and post them on my blog, so I decided to do a little more simple post today.

Well, I tried all-new outfits and hairstyles on my mini dolls today, and they had to have a fashion show for you!

*cue the music*

(music by American Girl.)

IMG_5114First up we have Celina! Doesn’t she look like a famous Holly-Wood pop star stepping out of a limo onto a ravenous red carpet in front of many fans snapping photographs?! :)   (of course we know Fame Isn’t Everything, but it’s nice to pretend.

IMG_5118“Get a close-up of my GORGEOUS face now.”

 Say bye Celina!

IMG_5119Next up we have Molly-Anne! (ack, my finger was in the way in the bottom left corner, sorry!)(Oops. Her dress is way too short. :P)

IMG_5121Cuteness close-up!

IMG_5123Say bye Molly-Anne!

IMG_5124And the last but certainly not least, Jocelyn! A nice resemblance to the Little House on the Prairie look – a maxi-dress, a nice high bun, and…ahh! Ladies back then did not go barefoot!

IMG_5125She is just too cute!….

IMG_5126….and she knows it! :)

*end music*

What did you think of the fashion show? Do your dolls like having fashion shows?