My 15th birthday at the AG store in Dallas, Texas was by far the best day of my entire year.

I’ve just entered into a phase where I absolutely adore the color solid pink, so I literally squealed “it’s so pink!” about fifty thousand times throughout the day.

My best friends can testify. XD

In fact, I took this picture right as I squealed my first “it’s so pink!” of the day.

Next to pink, I’ll squeal over the American Girl star logo.


And the beautifully pink and girly Beforever sign.

This font looks like Butterfly Kids, but I’m not exactly sure what it is.

When I was editing this picture, I thought of a joke about it being my celebration day, but I edited these a month ago so I’ve forgotten it. XD

Everything is so pink and girly. ? Why can’t my mealtime surroundings look like this?

That’s actually a great idea. I’m going to find one spot in the house where I always have my meals and Madi-fy it.

There’s me and my two best friends!

This friendly young man challenged Ellie to a skateboard duel. Ellie would have loved to say yes… but she didn’t have a skateboard.

I took this picture right as my party was starting, and my mom and the waitress were like… where did the birthday girl go?!

I can’t even express how many times I squealed “it’s so pink and girly and pretty!” during my party. ?

I need to make an American Girl menu and tell my mother what I’d like for breakfast off of it.

Notice Ellie’s party hat? They actually gave us the wrong kind of doll party hats.

Look closely… They gave us the Bitty Baby party hats!

This is my best friend’s doll McKenna…

And my other best friend’s doll Caroline!

In the back, you see our waitress Laura. She was super nice.

I’m a sucker for AG souvenirs. I kept the little ribbon elastic things that were used to hold the napkins together.

I have this picture as my computer background right now. It’s just so girly, pink, and it says American Girl on it. I couldn’t resist!

I’m such a little kid. XD

My best friend’s hand holding the pink lemonade: my favorite drink in the world.

About halfway through the party, I realized I had taken fifty pictures of pink lemonade but not one sip. ?

My favorite appetizer ever. If you ever eat at the AG place, never pass up the pretzel bites! They’re amazing!

And because I’m such a nerd, I kept the AG logo paper that’s holding the bites.

For real.

Honey mustard sauce is my favorite dipping sauce in the world, and they had it! Cheese goes awesome with pretzels too, and they also had it.

I’ve never had a happier day.

Time for gifts from my best friends!

Thank you, my best friends ever! ❤️

For my 13th birthday party in 2016, I actually asked the waitress if I could take the conversation starters home. ?

You can’t.

But my best friends and my mom and I had fun using them until our food came.

I got the Butterfly Penne Pasta. It was so good!


Man, that hat. I proudly toted it all over the entire store.

(And I wore a pink shirt. ?)

I took home all the flowers in the ice cream, too. I now have, like, seven of them. XD

Here’s a cute hairstyle for dolls you can make with the flowers.

And my birthday gifts from American Girl! I’ll post about them (and everything I bought at the AG store) in the next post.

Our lovely waitress Laura! She was so nice and politely allowed me to take a picture of her.

That ended my absolutely perfect birthday party (besides strolling around the store and buying things).

After that, I played at my best friends’ house, then got Chick-fil-A (my favorite!).

I felt like God had given me a birthday present too, because I had so much energy and my knee felt amazing the entire day. With the amount of inflammation in it right now, I’m usually very fatigued all the time and unable to walk without pain.

But my birthday party was the most perfect day ever, and in the midst of a terrible summer vacation full of trials and having to trust God, I’ll forever look back on that day and smile, because it was just beyond perfect.

And pink. ?

Coming up next: all my souvenirs and purchases from the AG store… plus a new mini member of the DWOD family!


Health update:

For all you amazing people who have cared so much, I’m sorry for the entire month without an update!

Because my body is battling arthritis, I have constant fatigue. Autoimmune disorders like arthritis are the hardest sicknesses to fight because your immune system is attacking your own body, and it’s extremely taxing.

I have tons of great ideas (*squeals excitedly*) and even a “secret” project I’ve been working on. (Check out the new homepage to see the announcement! It’s called The DWOD Digest, but it’s not officially launched yet.)

Despite all the exciting plans I have, I just don’t have the energy to come back to blogging at the moment.

Thankfully, there are answers. I’m learning to relax and trust God and my parents as they care for me. Things are only getting better from here—I see a day soon where there is no more arthritis for me!

I’m coming back to full schedule just as soon as possible. It’s only a matter of time before my physical body gets the memo I’ve been labeled “messed up” for believing: Jesus is still in the miracle-working business! 

I’ll see you soon!

(Because obviously an update of my face was important too.)