Have you ever been playing with your doll or dolls, for nearly hours on end, by yourself or with a friend, and got completely caught up in a magical moment? Where time seems to stop, and all that you notice is the incredible storyline you’re acting out and the amazingly memorable fun time you’re having? Well, I, Jasmine Anna Copeland, can tell you all about it!

I had just finished changing out of my holiday outfit. Not that I didn’t like it, but the festivities were all over, and I was ready for a different hairstyle anyways.

I had just finished fixing my hair into a smart ponytail with a flower headband when I saw Molly, still in her Christmas dress, playing with her doll.

I set down the hairbrush.

Then I turned to ask, “Hey Molly! Whatcha up to?”

“Nothing much, just playing with Molly-Anne.”

“Can I join you? I haven’t played with Jocelyn in a while!”

“Absolutely,” Molly grinned, nodding her head. “I’d love that!”

“Okay, thanks! Be right back,” I told her, scampering off to find my doll Jocelyn.

I returned after a minute with Jocci in my arms. “Ready?” I asked Molly.

“Ready,” She smiled, and that began a magical, lost-in-time moment.

“I’m ready for an adventure, Molly-Anne,” Jocelyn said to her friend. “Would you care to join me?”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Molly-Anne responded, and the two set off.

Molly-Anne conquered her fear of riding Coconut!

Then Jocelyn hopped on and they rode together.


“Let’s ride, Coconut!” Molly-Anne cried as Coconut broke into a run.

The adventures kept coming and coming, and Molly and I kept playing and playing. Molly-Anne fell off and hurt herself.

But Jocelyn took care of her!

How we ranged from recovering from a fall to hacking into the government’s computers and taking over the world as evil mini dolls, I don’t know, but it was great, malicious fun indeed!

That’s not the end of the mini dolls being naughty! It was the Wild West time, and Jocelyn just got busted for robbing a bank! Coconut, the sherriff, caught her red-handed!

But her evil buddy Molly-Anne decided it was time for a jail break and busted her out of there!

“HI-YA! Karate kick to the nose!” Molly-Anne cried.

“Thank you for saving me,” Jocelyn teared up.

“No time to get all soft on me! We better run for it!”

From there, the game playing shifted to a more peaceful time, where Molly-Anne and Jocelyn are two sisters who are taking horseback – er, puppy and polarbearback – riding lessons.

“Isn’t riding so fun?” Jocci asked.

“Indeed it is!” her friend answered.

Awww, look how sweet Molly-anne and Snowy are together! Her and Coconut might not have been the best fit, but Snowy and Molly-Anne have bonded so well!

We played many more games, including an epic pie-eating contest. After that, Molly and I decided to play gymnastics. It was so fun! Jocelyn finally mastered her splits and Molly-Anne is practicing her handstands. Squeeze tight, Molly-Anne, and push from your shoulders!

Then we made a stopmotion. It was so fun! It’s short, and not very good since Molly and I aren’t exactly movie-making pros, but we thought you would all like to see it anyways.

The Great Back Kickovers
(Click the link to watch the video. It opens in another tab, but you’re still at this website.)

Then we flipped our dolls up in the air to do cool flips, and it’s fun to pretend and imagine our gaurdian angels had fun with them, for they landed on their feet! ;)

Flipping dolls in the air and laughing over their funny landing poses, or oohing and ahhing if they land on their feet, is great exercise. After all that playing, we were pooped! We both fell back on the carpet, bursting into giggles. What fun we’ve had! I wonder what time it was when we finally stopped?

We both sat up, taking deep breaths and trying to stop the contagious giggles that made our tummies hurt – in a good way.

“That was so fun,” Molly was the first to say.

“I know!” I agreed. “How your doll won the pie eating contest -“

“- And then how your doll was so shocked she didn’t win, she cried out, Well cut the cake ‘n call me puddin’!‘” Molly finished, and then she and I both shrieked with laughter again, reminiscing the funny, random exclamation my doll had done.

“And then – and then,” I tried to say through my hysterics, “your doll, with pie all over her face, said,”

“‘But cake and pudding don’t have anything to do with pie!'” We both finished together, and we erupted into more laughter.

“Oh my goodness,” we heard a voice say. We finally stopped chuckling and looked up. “What on earth is so funny, you two?” It was Josefina. We had been laughing so hard, we hadn’t heard her come in.

Molly and I just looked at each other, shared a secret smile, and burst into giggles all over again.




P.S. It’s Madison here! Sorry I posted this so late… I was working on my job. I’m so tired… but I’ve earned a lot. Maybe I should save my money and buy a new doll I’ve been wanting later this year. I was going to invite my BFFs to come to Florida for my birthday and give them money to spend at the AG store, but plans changed, and so now I don’t know quite what to do with all this money I’ve been saving… Anyways, Happy New Year! Have you seen Lea Clark’s page on AG yet? I checked it out around 1 AM this morning. Lea is so pretty! I might buy her… she is so unique! I’m also excited about Melody, the new BeForever doll coming out this summer! :D