Happy Mini Doll Monday!

~Told in the POV of Emma~

 IMG_0085I nervously stepped forward into the warm, happy, festive room Emelie set me down in. I glanced helplessly and longingly at her. I didn’t want her to leave! She loved me so much, and I loved her too! I felt so safe with her. But now I was in a new place with all these other girls whom I didn’t know. I felt so out of place and shy, like I didn’t belong here.

It was all I could do to fight back my tears, though I could tell I looked like I was about to cry.

IMG_0086The girls were playing with some of their Christmas gifts before they turned to me. I felt my cheeks turn red, and I wanted to shrink back into the wall. I blinked back fresh tears, wanting more than anything to be with my loving new owner.

IMG_0087“You’re the new doll!” A redhead, like me, piped up and quickly strode over to me. Her smile was sincere and inviting, but I still didn’t want to be here. I wanted to be with Emelie.

The friendly girl stuck out her hand for a shake, and told me, “My name is Jocelyn. What’s yours?”

IMG_0088I slowly took her hand and shook it a little. “Emma Bennett,” I answered crsiply, then stepped back.

IMG_0089The girl gestured me to sit down with the other girls who were now forming a circle. They were all smiling, eager to meet me, but I felt so shy and awkward.

IMG_0090“We have a gift for you,” Jocelyn came back from dashing to the magical, sparkly Christmas tree in the center of the room. “Both to celebrate your arrival and as a Christmas present!”

She held out a beautiful string of pearl beads, with a pretty red one in the center which matched my cherry blossom dress.

IMG_0091“Here, let me take this one off for you and we can put this one on,” She reached towards my precious necklace. “If you wear both, the strings will get tangled.”

“No!” I cried, louder and more fierce than I meant to.

IMG_0092I snatched my necklace out of her hands. Jocelyn’s face looked a little taken back, and I could feel more tears coming. I blinked them back again. “I mean – I, uh, this necklace is very special to me. I’d prefer to keep it on,” I mumbled to her. I hoped she could understand me through my choking voice and British accent, but she seemed to, for she just nodded her head sweetly.

“Okay, I’m sorry. You can try the necklace on later,” Jocelyn offered.

IMG_0094So she sat down and the other dolls introduced themselves. They asked me questions about where I was from, but I really did not want to talk about that. “Out of state,” I murmered. I kept my answers short and simple, sometimes just nodding or shaking my head.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like these nice girls, who were doing their best to make me feel welcome, but I was scared to be in such a new place. I didn’t know would happen to me here – what if my new owner, Emelie, didn’t like me anymore and sent me back to the AG Mini Doll Orphanage? That was one of my worst fears.

Soon, the girls began to grow tired of my short answers, and Jocelyn cleared her throat and spoke up, “Jessa, why don’t you show Emma to our room? I am sure she is very tired from her journey from… out of state.”

IMG_0095“Come with me,” Jessa spoke quietly and reserved, but her bright eyes showed friendliness all the same. She offered her hand to help me up.

IMG_0096She led me on a long journey across the human house to a bit of a messy room hidden by a pretty purple curtain.

“I apologize for how messy it is,” Jessa told me, smiling. “We did not know exactly when you were be arriving and could never decide on when to spiffy it up.”

I did not say anything, just looked about me nervously.

“Do you have any suitcases or anything?” She asked. I shook my head.

“Oh, well, that’s okay. Madison, the human-” At the mention of the word human, I must have shown some amount of horror in my eyes, for Jessa quickly reassured, “She is very nice. Anways, she will sew some clothes for you right away. I think she’s already started.”

I noded my head but didn’t respond.

IMG_0097“Um, this is my bed, but why don’t you rest here until your bed arrives?” She offered.

“Thank you,” I murmered quietly again.

IMG_0098“It’s a little cold. Would you like a blanket?”

“No,” I refused, grasping my special necklace in my head and bringing it close to me.

“Okay. Um, we’ll be in here in a little while.”

IMG_0099I then rolled over on my side, my back to her.

I said I wasn’t cold, but Jessa knew better by the fact I slept with my socks and shoes on, and curled up into a shy little ball.

IMG_0100She covered me with a little blanket, and told me goodnight.

IMG_0101Soon, the other girls came in and turned off the lights. I fell into an uneasy sleep, still nervous and scared and wanting to be with Emelie.

Will I feel at home in this strange place?

To be continued…