Bonjour, Nee-how, Hola, HELLO! Merry day-after-Christmas! This post is all the things my mommy got. God has blessed our family with so much! I am so thankful!

From my Aunt Annette: HAND SEWN BY NONE OTHER THAN HER!!! Dollie stuff!!! Sleeping bag, with matching PJ’s! (the slippers turned out to small for my feet, but they’ll fit another doll I’m sure!)

Also from Aunt Annette, hand sewn: A fun, spring dress (with shoes! They fit me! :D), and a checkered white-and-green shirt and pants, and a cute little hat!

Also from Aunt Annette and hand-sewn: WHAT A CUTE OUTFIT! A red hat, a red shirt, a cute jacket, an adorable jean-skirt, and shoes! (they fit me!)

 From mommy’s big sister: Two bottles of lip-balm, and a Christmas clip for her hair!!! YAY!

From mommy’s little brother: Money! Aww, how sweet! Can you count how much money is in here in dollars? (Hint: there are 19 quarters!)

From mommy’s parents: You know Veggietales? Love that show. Well, this is kind of like a sequel to it! By the same man that created VeggieTales. They’re a series of ‘episodes’ called “What’s in The Bible?”

Also from Aunt Annette: HOW COULD WE HAVE FORGOTTEN?! CANDY CANES!!!! TWO FOR MOMMY! Two for her brother! A banana for her healthy sister! xD

From mommy’s parents: JOSEFINA MONTOYA!!!! Hola!! Let’s get you out of that neck-choking thang!

God has blessed our family with so much, that I was able to get not ONE, BUT TWO adopted sisters……

Cecile Rey! Bonjour! Let’s get you out of that stuffy box, Mon Amie! (my friend in French) We weren’t expecting you, so we didn’t get Christmas presents for you! Don’t worry, we’ll have some for you right away! Oh, we weren’t expecting 2 DOLLS! Thank God for you!

Also from her parents: A mini-tripod for her IPhone! Now, she can take AMAZING stop-motions without it being choppy! :D

Also from her parents: Josefina’s accessories! Here are Josefina’s: Rebozo, pocket-pouch-thing-a-ma-jig, and her handkerchief!

Her jola, pendant (necklace) and her Handkerchief is shown in this photo, but we already got that :P

These are all the Christmas presents for December 25th! Mommy got some on the Trip to Houston from her relatives. To see, go back 1 or 2 posts!

God has blessed our family so much! 2 AG dolls! I am so blessed and thankful!

Can you figure out how much money mommy’s brother gave her?


Molly N’ Madison <3