Hello dollies and their mommies!

Sorry, my mom had to take a break from all ‘screens’ for a week so I couldn’t post.

Anyway, my mom ordered some American Girl things with her Christmas money!

We were gonna upload a video here to show you of mom opening her AG stuff that came in the mail. But it wouldn’t upload! We even searched for it in iMovie to try and uplaod to YouTube, but it wasn’t there. :( Grr. ;) But hey, what’s better than videos? PICTURES! We didn’t think about taking pictures of her opening her AG stuff, by Cece and Josie just HAD to model!

Cecile: Hello Miss person staring at the screen. I am curtseying which is the polite thing to do when you meet someone.

Cecile: My Summer Dress has these three items. My Beautiful yellow dress, with a blue bow and blue ruffles. A pretty sun-bonnet with designs on the inside, and white shoes with black buttons! All framed for the time of 1853. :)

Josefina: Hola, me amiga, Hello my friend. My School Outfit contains three pieces: A white, traditional blouse, or camisa, and long, blue-and-white striped skirt, and a red sash. No under-garments, they come as part of the Josefina doll and book.

Oh, Lo siento! I’m sorry! I almost forgot my curtsey. :)

Well, that’s it, girls! I’ll be posting more this week!


Olly Molly