Hello, all! Molly-Anne here. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! And Happy Mini Doll Monday, the most wonderful day of the week! Why? Because the wonderful mini dolls are featured, of course. And everyone knows mini dolls are the best things in the entire world.

Alright, people have different opinions on that, but the important thing is that it is Mini Doll Monday. Stop interrupting me.

Where was I? I wish you would’ve let me finish.

This happens a lot…




Oh, yes! It’s Mini Doll Monday. Why didn’t you remind me? You know these things annoy me, these times when you make me rattle on and on and forget what I was saying…

Oh, there you go. You’ve done it again. What on earth was I talking about?

Mini Doll Monday! That’s right! Let me tell you what happened in the life of ME today. Today I realized what a wonderful thing friendship is. It goes like this…

IMG_0044I had just stepped outside, expecting it to be a slightly cool, comfortable, breezy Floridian winter day. I had dressed up in a spring-weather dress, because, when does it ever get cold in Florida? It’s the sunshine state, for goodness sakes. I was also barefoot. I wanted to practice cartwheels and roundoffs in the warm, fresh green grass in the sunny front yard.

IMG_0045Doesn’t it just look so warm and wonderful? The tropical palm tree across the street from us, the slightly shaded front yard, the bright, vibrant colors of —

Wait a second. What was that?

A sharp wind whipped at me and it didn’t take long to realize it was nearly freezing cold! Overnight it had turned 37 degrees, I later found out.

How could that be? It looked like SUMMER outside, for crying out loud! Yet before I knew it, my teeth were chattering and my feet turned cold. “Darn this Florida weather!” I muttered, rushing back indoors.

IMG_0046Still cold and a bit shaken up from my shock outside, I trudged down the hallway sulkily. Now what? I had planned for an awesome day doing cartwheels and breathing in the fresh, spring-weathered air! The rest of the mini dolls had obviously checked the weather and were having a tea party indoors, near a sunny window with a space heater from the humans nearby.

I am most definitely not one for tea parties, but maybe they’d let me join in. I was miserably cold, y’all. And being miserably cold is no fun, especially since the hallway you’re walking on (with bare feet, might I add) is also Madison’s windowsill made of marble. Which is freezing cold, and the cold seeps through the ‘carpet’ she laid down on it.

IMG_0047All of the sudden, I saw ahead of me a very familiar mini doll with red hair! I could recognize the neat braid, big bow, and pretty dress anywhere.

IMG_0048“Jocelyn!” I called to her. “Wait up!”

IMG_0049Jocelyn turned around. “Molly-Anne!” She greeted me. “Hi! Decided to join the tea party after all? Jasmine just finished making this pretty shawl for me to keep me warm, and I’m going to head over to the tea party now…” She trailed off.

“What is it?” I asked, still shivering.

IMG_0050“Oh, Molly-Anne, you’re shaking yourself cold! Why on earth are you barefoot? And that dress isn’t suited for winter. Poor Molly-Anne; you tried to go outside, didn’t you? Oh, you didn’t know it turned cold overnight!” Jocci cried with sympathy.

IMG_0051Here you see my best friend, completely selfless and heartfelt, slipping off her newly-made, quite warm shawl and wrapping it around my shoulders and arms instead. She smoothed it to perfection with her hand. “Come on, let’s go somewhere warm. I have an idea, and there are no tea parties included!” She laughed with a smile at me.

IMG_0054We walked off together, moving fast to keep warm.

IMG_0055Isn’t my best friend so amazing? It’s been a long time since we’ve had some one-on-one BFF time. With Madison’s help, she created a cozy, warm corner inside of her closet. Madison even created cookies and hot chocolate for us – Jocelyn’s request. We also watched our favorite movie – Samantha: An American Girl Holiday!

IMG_0057Don’t the cookies just look scrumptious?

IMG_0058And Madison’s brother kindly let us use his old iPhone for a TV!

IMG_0060Don’t take your true friendships for granted! Just when you need it, your true friend will cheer you up. Now it’s my turn to do something kind for Jocelyn… Maybe I’ll ask her to go camping with me when it gets warmer. Last time we tried to go camping outside, it was too cold! We ended up having to “camp” indoors, but we really want to try camping outside…

Do you have an amazing friend who cheers you up when you’re feeling down?