So I’m my mini dolls are starting a new thing called Mini Doll Monday, and on each Monday,(except, of course, if there’s a holiday on that day or I can’t post for some reason.) there is a post that is mini-doll related! What do you think about featuring the mini’s more often? On the DWOD Survey, some people included mini dolls as what they liked to see most. I counted 55 votes total towards the minis altogether. So I thought, “Why not have a weekly post featuring mini dolls?”

So, happy Mini Doll Monday, everybody! Today, Celina is featured!

IMG_0053Hey, everyone! It’s Celina here. I know what you’re thinking – I’m greeting you and all you can see is my feet. Well, that’s because I wanted to show you my new sandals!

I know what you’re thinking again – it’s November and I just got sandals. Well, here in Florida, it doesn’t get very cold. Madison went outside barefoot on Christmas Day last year and was perfectly fine. Thus, sandals are the best shoe to wear in Florida.

Which is not a problem for mini dolls. Shoes are hard to come by for us minis, so being able to make some simple sandals out of thick paper and a hair elastic is pretty nice.

IMG_0055Plus, don’t you think that the sandals match the red roses on my dress?

IMG_0056Enough stalling. Early this morning, before anyone was up, I went out to the Kingdom of Stuffed Animals. The villagers, er, stuffed animals, dwell in a corner of Madison’s closet. Because of the vast array of different animals, including lions, snakes, giant pigs and bears, our owners (the 18″ AG dolls) forbid us to go there.

So, uh, why exactly did I go over there if I wasn’t allowed to? I’m not really the adventurous type, and I don’t like getting caught in the act of doing something I’m not supposed to do.

But I was lonely. Oh, so lonely. I was up earlier than all the rest, unable to fall back asleep, and there was nobody to talk to. You see, I can suffer from boredom and loneliness – I go insane.

Thus the reason why my lonely brain decided to do the unthinkable – risk getting caught and getting in trouble to sneak out to the Kingdom of Stuffed Animals!

IMG_0057I climbed down from our bedroom on the shelf of Madison’s loft bed and across the carpeted room into her closet. There I saw so many friendly-looking creatures – the bears were soft and huggable! The lions were as gentle as the lambs over there, and the snake had been given to Madison’s brother, but I guessed he was nice, too. Why on earth did our owners forbid us from going here? Had they never been here themselves? Everybody was so friendly, cuddly, and soft.

IMG_0058Well, most everyone – right away I spotted Lavender. Our very precious baby Lavender! Lavender was Molly, Josefina and Cécile’s baby cousin. Though she didn’t look much older, she had learned a few words.

IMG_0060“Celina!” She knew my name – how heartmelting! “How are Mowwy, Josie and Cece?” Lavender asked tenderly.

“They are very well!” I answered.

IMG_0061“So you’re Celina,” I heard a voice. It came from a small brown dog with a pink tongue in between a small bear and a giant pig. “I’m Fudge – Molly-Anne rode me all the time when she was little. We grew up together. However, when Coconut replaced me less than two years later, I was heartbroken. Do you think she still remembers me?”

It made me sad to hear her words, but I shook my head. “Molly-Anne has never spoken of you,” I told her unfortunately. How I wish I could tell her something different! Fudge’s face fell. But then I told her, “Molly-Anne doesn’t like Coconut. She’s scared that she will eat her. You ought to come out and save her some time!” Fudge lit up after that, and barked, “Thank you!”

IMG_0064Just then, the tiniest, softest, cutest kitten came to me. “Meow!” She uttered. “I’m Meow Meow! I used to be Molly-Anne and Jocelyn’s pet, but I live here now.” She explained softly, then cuddled into my lap, purring happily while I stroked her.

IMG_0066“Ohh, you’re so sweet!” I gushed. I wanted to hug her tight, but she was so fragile and delicate, I ddin’t want to hurt her sweet, innocent self.

IMG_0068Here I am posing for a few photos with the cutest thing in the world!

IMG_0069Meow Meow and I really like each other. We’ve bonded over the time I spent there.

IMG_0070Wo-o-oah! Meow Meow! You don’t seem so small when you’re right on top of me!

IMG_0071Isn’t she just so cute?

IMG_0072“Meow Meow,” I asked. “Would you like to be my pet? You and I could be great friends! I promise I will take the greatest care of you. Will you come back and live with me?”

I hopefully awaited her answer, though I knew it would be yes.

“I’m sorry, Celina, but this is my home. I belong with the Stuffed Animals – this is my place, just like the other half of the room is yours. You better go now – I hear everyone awaking.”


IMG_0073Her words broke my heart as she scampered back up into the cuddly pile of stuffed animals, but it was her decision. I couldn’t force her to be my pet.

“Okay,” I sighed sadly. “I love you Meow Meow!”

“I promise I will visit someday!” She called as I hurried off.

IMG_0074I turned back only once to whisper, “I love you,” as the sun rose out the window and the dolls stirred.

Luckily, I didn’t get caught, but for the rest of the day, all I could think about was the next time I would see Meow Meow again.


Madi here again! Was it too sad? LOL! Don’t worry – later on down the road in Mini Doll Monday, Meow Meow visits Celina! :D

What do you think of Mini Doll Monday?