Aw, but it was over so quickly! Is the finale here already? Well, here we go…

IMG_0976Where we last left off, Miss Suzi Montoya had decided to send Christina off to school, but Christina doesn’t know it yet…


IMG_0027I hadn’t beat Miss Montoya home, but she wasn’t mad. That night, she called me upstairs to my new room she had made for me, and told me we needed to have a talk.

“Christy, I am sorry for speaking angrily this morning. The journey we’re making together will be hard, and I may not be the best child-raiser. Yet I love you very much, and will do my very best to make the best life possible for you. But you must cooperate, okay?”

I gave a slow nod, wondering what all this meant, and she continued.

“You will have to go to school and get a good education, and learn the right way to act. It’s time for you to grow up from your reckless ways of living, and I know that’s harder than it sounds because that is what you are used to all your life. But I will help you, okay? I promise.”

I looked into her eyes. They held a new maturity I hadn’t seen before. She seemed determined and ready to take on whatever challenges lie ahead in raising me.

IMG_0028I looked to the side at the amazing room she had spent a lot of time – and money she simply didn’t have and had to borrow – for me.

IMG_0029There was a bright dresser, a homey lamp, and a blue hairbrush, as well as a pretty plant.

IMG_0031There were colorful curtains I could pull back if I wanted to see the beautiful world through the window.

IMG_0032And even a bed with my own pillow! It was a small bed, and a bit ratty-looking at that, but it was the very best Miss Montoya could do, and she had made a lot of sacrifices for it.

For me.

IMG_0026I faced Miss Montoya. Yes, yes, anything for you, Miss Montoya! My eyes seemed to say as they sparkled happily with gratitude and the utmost respect, deep admiration, and love.

IMG_0033I threw my arms around her in a hug. I didn’t know what lie ahead for me, or what new rules I would have to learn and follow, and I wasn’t so sure about giving up the adventurous, dangerous, thrilling – but empty – life for properness and order. But I knew that I would live in a way that honored God, Coconut, and Miss Montoya, who had done so much for me already.

IMG_0038“I love you, Christina.”

IMG_0039When it was time for bed, I started to lie back against my pillow, but it felt lumpy.

IMG_0040I turned around to see a parcel, tied with a beautiful blue bow, behind the pillow. I assumed it was for me. I untied the bow slowly and set it on the dresser to wear in my hair later – it was time to grow up from my reckless life, I decided. If Miss Montoya wanted me to start being more proper, I could do it.

IMG_0043Out of the package I pulled out a beautiful doll. I gasped, then smiled. I wasn’t really in to dolls, but she looked so beautiful. It would be nice to have a friend to share secrets with, and sleep with, and maybe even take to school tomorrow. Wait, no, I don’t want to damage her or anything, I decided. I would tell her about school instead.

IMG_0044I laid down with my doll, whom I named Sarah, and grinned again. Things were not going to be too bad.

IMG_0045“Good night, Christy. I love you.” Miss Montoya came and gave me a kiss before bed. “Good night. I love you too!” I told her.

IMG_0048Miss Montoya seemed to smile as she walked away, knowing she had made the right decision in taking me in.

IMG_0050I smiled as she walked away, too. I am glad more than anything that she’s taken me in.

IMG_0052The lights turned off, and I smiled to myself one more time before drifting off to a happy world of dreams…

IMG_0973“CHLOE!” Molly called. “Time for dinner!”

“Darn it,” Chloe mumbled. “She didn’t even go to school yet! Oh, well, there’s always next time. COMING!”