Happy Mini Doll Monday! Madison has been gone all day today at DisneyQuest with her church, so we’ve had my birthday party without her. Oh, by the way, I’m Celina! Wednesday is my birthday, but we’re having the party today!

IMG_3777We had ginormous chocolate chip cookies!

IMG_3778That’s not all. Mmm… we had cake, soda, and lemonade, too!

IMG_3779I got the biggest slice. He he he…

IMG_3780This dress Molly-Anne is wearing is actually one of my birthday presents! What a clever way to disguise an unexpected gift!

IMG_3781This dress is for me, too!

IMG_3782I also recieved this pretty striped top that can also be used as a skirt.

IMG_3783But all through the party, I kept wondering, where is Meow Meow? She’s supposed to be here. She said she’d be here for my party. I really miss her.

“Does anybody see Meow Meow?” I asked aloud to noone in particular, staring off into the distant. I strained my eyes and imagined a little kitten walking towards us, but Meow Meow wasn’t there. Had she forgotten my party? I thought we were the best of friends!

IMG_3784Nobody said anything. After a while, my eyes smarted and I blinked back hot tears. Where was Meow Meow? Did she not like me?

“Oh, Celina,” Jocelyn sympathized, wrapping an arm around me. “Maybe it got found out that she was sneaking over here and she is in punishment or something. We have to assume the best. I’m sure Meow Meow wanted to be here with all of her heart.”

As much as she tried to console me, I just shrugged. My birthday was ruined.

IMG_3785“But the party’s not over yet,” Jessa announced, turning on some music. “Let’s jump on this bouncy bed! It’s really fun. It’ll get your mind off of things.”

I didn’t feel like jumping at all, but I just shrugged lifelessly and relented.

IMG_3786Just as Jocelyn leaped up and started bouncing, I heard everyone gasp. I turned to look and – there was Meow Meow!

None of us said a word.

IMG_3787The next thing I knew after a speeding flash of white were mewing and kitten kisses! “Oh, Meow Meow, you came after all!” I laughed happily.

IMG_3788“I’m sorry I was late. I had to get permission to bring a gift for you.” Meow Meow finally told me after our joyful greeting was over.

“What gift?” I asked curiously.

“Me! I give myself to you as a birthday present!”

“What?!” I gasped, flabbergasted. My surprise could not have been greater is Meow Meow had said she rode here on a pack of flying penguins wearing tutus, but all the other dolls were smiling. They were in on it the whole time!

“I know I said my place was with the Stuffed Animal Kingdom,” She admitted. “But when I was there, I was so miserable and lonely and couldn’t stop thinking of you. I talked to the leaders of the Stuffed Animal Kingdom and they granted me permission to live here with you. My place is with you, as your pet!”

IMG_3789“This is the best birthday ever! Thank you, Meow Meow! Thank you everyone!

And so that is how Meow Meow came to live with us and be our pet, and how what seemed like a ruined brithday turned out to be the best birthday ever!

But you never know what else life has in store. So many adventures and new experiences and things… So this is just my best birthday yet.


Until next time,

Celina ♥