Hey, girls! Lately I’ve been trying to decide a good posting schedule. Posting takes time and effort, and I’m mega busy with all the stuff I have to do for my Kids Church (I’m on leadership there). I also have to get a good education in my homeschool (I need to take my time doing that instead of rushing through it as fast as I can to make a blog post because I haven’t done one in a long time). And I have an occasional job that’s avilable at the worst, busiest times but pays really good so I have to find out how much time I have for that, too.

And then I have DWOD! I really want to continue this, and the DWOD youtube channel, too. To do that, I need to know what kind of posts y’all like. Do y’all like posts that have a lot of time, work, and thought put into them, but fewer of them? Or more posts, but less work put in them?Take the poll below and let me know your answers, and feel free to comment any other suggestions or opinions.


P.S. Hey, don’t forget to check out The Chipmunk Girls Page! Episode 5 is up and ready to be watched!