Happy Mini Doll Monday! Madison here. This post will be sort of short. These past few days I have been really sick, and I’m still recovering. My fever FINALLY broke just this morning. I’m still feeling rough, but doing better. Today Emelie played with Emma. Here are some photos!

IMG_3903“I love you so much, my darling,” Emelie whispered to her precious doll, Emma.

IMG_3904“You mean the world to me.”

IMG_3905“I will never let anybody hurt you. I will protect you forever.”

IMG_3906Here they are sharing secrets. :) Aren’t they so sweet?

IMG_3907“I love you, mama,” Emma told Emelie.

IMG_3910“I love you too, Emma,” Emelie whispered back softly,

IMG_3911They’re so sweet together!


Emma relishes the time that Emelie plays with her and has no doubt in her mind that Emelie is the greatest 18″ doll on the face of planet earth. Emelie in turn thinks the same way about Emma!

Do you have any mini dolls that are dolls for your 18-inchers?