This is a cool but sad photostory….enjoy!

IMG_5569 The Barbies and Girl Of Many Lands dolls were having a secret meeting together….

IMG_5570 However Neela and Leyla know nothing of the meeting. Why were the Barbies here?

IMG_5571 “Greetings, by Barbie friends,” Isabel spoke mysteriously. “It is with great pleasure I have hosted this meeting with your lovely selves.”

IMG_5572 “I am Isabel,” she introduced herself. Soon Cécile and Isabel has introduced themselves and shook hands with Laia, Hazel, and H. Skipper.

IMG_5573 Leyla and Neela looked at each other, bewildered. They sat down, hoping to figure out why the meeting was called.

IMG_5574 “Now, dear Girl of Many Lands dolls,” Laia started up evilly. “You all know very well inches don’t matter between GOML and Barbies. 9″, 12″, we can all very well be friends. But for 18″? Never. You all have a hate for American Girl dolls, too, yes? Sure, you were made by the same company. But the sniveling AG dolls you have grudges against! Us too, for Madison never plays with us anymore. Only them. Blogs about them, takes photos of them, takes videos and stopmotions with them, and more! We are thrown to the DONATE box.”

“Agreed!” sputtered Isabel haughtily. “What are we GOML dolls, retired collectibles?” crickets chirping… “OK, we are, but Madison hardly pays any attention to us! Just stand and look fancy. Cool dolls retired in 2005. Oooooooh. Give me a break! ore like give my back a break, I’m so stiff standing there all day!”

“Exactly why we plan to get revenge,” Laia smiled.

Confused voices arose.
“Are you kidding? Last time you got creamed by the AG dolls!”
“What are we supposed to do? They’re huge!”
“Your plans never work out!”

“SILENCE!” Laia demanded. “We don’t go after the BIG ones. The little 6″ ones? Those are the ones we go after. We hurt them, the big dolls will be hurt. The 18″ dolls love the mini dolls. It will be perfect.”

“How will we do it?”

“This is how…….”

IMG_5576 Little did they know a traitor to the Barbies was listening in on their little conversation.


IMG_5577 Celina was playing with her doll when she heard – IMG_5578 “-Pizza! Free pizzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

IMG_5579 “Oh, free pizza!” Celian cried, leaving her doll on her bed. She ran towards the smell while another Barbie slipped in and grabbed her doll!

IMG_5580 Laia ran off right before Celina grabbed the pizza.

IMG_5581 “Oh, no, my doll!” Celina cried in shock. She searched everywhere before sitting on her bed with the plate of pizza in her lap. She started to cry.

IMG_5582 “Oh, poor darling. Did those mean Barbies take your doll?” a voice from above said, “Yes!” Celina whimpered in between sobs.

IMG_5583 “Come with me, I’ll take you to your doll,” said the warm voice kindly. Celina took the kind stranger’s hand and…..BAM! Celina was knocked unconscious by the “stranger” Laia!

IMG_5584 When she awoke, she found herself with her hands and feet tied together. “What happened?!” she shrieked. Laia only laughed.

IMG_5585 The other youngsters were soon easily fooled and brought to the little “cell.” “Be good darlings! I will be back as soon as I leave an anonymous note to the big AG dolls saying the mini dolls are missing! HAHA!” Laia left.

IMG_5586 “Guys! I have a plan to get us out of here!” Jocelyn told the others.

IMG_5587 “What is it?” Celina asked. IMG_5588 The three dolls spent the cold and hungry night whispering to each other a plan like no other.


IMG_5589 “Wasn’t that note weird?” Asked Cécile to Jasmine, both coming back from dance class. “Yeah, why on earth would the mini dolls be missing?” “Wait a second, have you seen them anywhere lately?” “As a matter of fact, no, I haven’t!” “Priscilla Venus’s warning was true! The Barbies must’ve stolen the mini dolls! Oh, Jaz, we have to find them!”

IMG_5590“HELP!!!!” cried the mini dolls. There was no need for them to put their plan into action. The big dolls were right there to rescue them!

IMG_5591 “There they are!” Cécile cried and she grabbed the mini dolls.

IMG_5592 The mini dolls explained what happened. The big dolls nodded their heads in perfect agreement, for Priscilla Venus had warned them of the Barbies’ plan.

IMG_5593 The Barbie’s were banned from being able to roam around free. They had to be locked up all the time. And standing all day all stiff like that was punishment enough for the GOML dolls.

IMG_5594Laia let a tear slip down her cheek. Why did this always happen to the Barbies? Would they always be known as the bad-guys? Would this hatred ever end between Barbies and AG dolls? Was anyone ever too far from forgiveness?


I KNOW!!!!!! HORRIBLE ENDING, RIGHT?!!!!! TRAGIC?! I hate the ending myself! But there will be a sequel sometime soon………soon :)