WOW! It’s been 4 whole days since I posted last. Sorry about that! lol.

So anyway, Molly-Anne here, and today I WENT CAMPING!!!

So, I am kind enough to let you get another peek into Mini-Doll’s lives…..

Well hello there! I was just packing for my camping trip, if you didn’t know already. Right here i’ve got A sleeping bag with a matching pillow, my night gown, my new pink dress, and a few sashes. They are all made out of sock except the sashes which are just hair elastics. Right now I am wearing, also made out of sock, a white skirt and shirt.

I am here! FINALLY!

And how do you get in this very high-detailed contraption called a tent?

Mayday…..Mayday……I’m getting stuck……..

Well I think I can manage without you pouring into my life! Molly-Anne here to say goodbye.

B-Bye! :)