Mini Molly (Molly-Anne) here to TAKE IT AWAY!

Have you ever wondered what’s in the life on an AG doll? Well, you won’t be wondering anymore. Because I am kind enough to let you look into my life and get a hint of what Mini-Doll’s go through.

I awoke, fresh and new, in my white-as-snow night-gown.

I made my bed, dressed, got dressed and swept my hair into a side pony-tail.
I then skipped down the stairs for breakfast, which was……

Toast and milk! I gobbled it all up.

I left my empty dishes for my owner, Big Molly, to come and take them away.

I sat on the top of the stairs and put my shoes on, without the socks because it was warm. (I know, It’s December, but it was surprisingly warm!)

I ran down the stairs quicker than quick!

I opened the door……

….And opened my heart to new adventures!

I hope you liked my daily routine of my morning! :)


Anonymous person named Molly-Anne……….