IMG_2055Molly here! Ugh, it’s been SO long. Mom (or, as you might know her, ‘Madison’) might have told you we’re in Florida trying out a new church and stuff.

IMG_2056Any of you missed me? This is MY blog after all! Even though mom owns it, I’M the one who writes on it – until just recently, ack! Sometimes I feel that my sisters and friends overtake my blog….it’s MINE after all. Oh, and, Joy’s Journal is being canceled because mom’s schedule is HECTIC right now.

IMG_2057Well today I braved the hazardous comforts of the RV and went out into our “backyard” at the RV park.

IMG_2058These steps are quite convenient for those of us only 18″ tall. And, the position I am getting down in is a great stretch. I can’t forget I am a committed gymnast. I have to practice even while traveling.

IMG_2060I walked along the side of the humungenourmouhugesuperduperduperhugeous RV and looked about my surroundings.

IMG_2061I spied a picnic table I wanted to climb onto.

IMG_2062This end had a spider dangling from a web on the end of it so I didn’t want to climb on that side.

IMG_2063I could barely reach my vinyl fingertips up to the edge of the bench. Arg, I thought. How am I going to get up here?

IMG_2064Thankfully, mom lifted me up. She’s a handy photographer! ;)

IMG_2065I liked being up this high!

IMG_2066I could easily climb onto the table.

IMG_2067I could lift myself up the way I do on the beam at American Girl All Stars Gymnastics.

IMG_2068With a grunt and a surge of strength rippling through my….enourmous vinyl molded arms? I was on top of the table.

IMG_2069Hurrah! I am up!

IMG_2070Might as well practice some more gymnastics moves while I’m up here.

IMG_2071I was read to do a cartwheel.

IMG_2072 IMG_2073 IMG_2074Let’s just thank God I was wearing a leotard under my skirt!

IMG_2075“Tada!” I finished proudly.

IMG_2076I sat down and took a breath. The RV park we’re at is really quite nice.

IMG_2077I saw some other cool-looking RV’s but decided ours was the best. Dude, ours’ is a BUS. It’s HUGE!

IMG_2078I better go inside now, I thought to myself. It doesn’t do good for AG dolls to stay out in the sun for too long. And believe me, Florida is HOT!

IMG_2079What explorations do your dolls do?

IMG_2080P.S. This is how we dolls live in the RV. Yup.