Yes yes yes yes!!! I’ve got my photos on here! Thanks to my dad for showing me I just needed a different USB cord. YAHOO!

I am doing a photo series (not a photo STORY with a plot and stuff. Pay attention, this is different. :)) called “Little Dollies.” It’s where I will sometimes post photos of all my dolls doing different things. It can be called six little dollies, or when I buy #56, then it will be seven little dollies, and then you know, any other doll after that like eight little dollies, nine, etc., if I eve get that many!! ;D :) :D

My dolls look so cute doing stuff together. It’s like “team bonding” for dolls! ;) :)

But first, here’s a picture of my dolls traveling in the RV.

IMG_1946I kept them in a big plastic bin. Is that safe for dolls? I pray to God it is, cause they were in there for 3 straight days.

Here we go. :)

IMG_1993Six little dollies waving at the camera.

IMG_1994Six little dollies taking off Molly’s pinchy boots.

IMG_1995Six little dollies taking a nap!

IMG_1996Six little dollies climbing the ladder to the top bunk (where their ‘uncle’ sleeps! ;))

IMG_1997Six little dollies all sitting with crossed legs.

IMG_1998Six little dollies all doing backbends/bridges.

(AND MY FEET in the photo! Ha, ha!)

IMG_1999Six littles dollies all searching for Jasmine’s precious turquoise-beaded necklace. (can any of you see it? ;))

IMG_2001Six little dollies rejoicing over the found!

IMG_2002Six little dollies driving the RV! :o (just kidding ;))

IMG_2003Six little dollies on top of the bunk!

IMG_2005Six little dollies looking out the window.

IMG_2006See what they’re looking at? Our RV park!

IMG_2007Six little dollies collapsing on each other.

IMG_2008Six little dollies now all in order.

IMG_2009Six little dollies all posing for a photo, again.

IMG_2010Six little dollies with wacky hairstyles!

IMG_2011Six little dollies all pooped out.

IMG_2012Six little dollies’ feet!

IMG_2013Six little dollies sleeping again.

IMG_2014Six little dollies, all in dreamland.

So what do you think? Bored out of your minds or cute to see the dolls?


P.S. Do not worry if I don’t post for a few days. We’re back to our regular schedule of crazy services and little sleep. :)