Save the earth! Recycle, reuse, reduce! Don’t litter and save our critters!
Molly here! See those slogans above? ^ I made them up! I’ve become obsessed with the earth lately, and found it’s SO important to keep our environment clean and healthy, and to take care of our earth, too! God gave us this planet, and we should keep it looking its best! It’s the only one we’ve got! I became so determined to make my point, I decided to make a movie about it. I HAD to make a move. Well guess whatty?! Last week on Saturday, my mom, Madison, made it happen! With cool text, marvelous music, and outrageous voice-overs, funny and touching moments, we made this 12-minute video worth watching! By getting the point out, why, even that is helping the earth! We can’t wait for Earth Day: my birthday and a day to help the earth, although I think we should help the earth every day! The video below is very kid-friendly and funny, too! Afterwards, we’ll list some ways that YOU can help the earth, even when it’s not earth day: We should ALWAYS help our wonderful planet!

Music: I asked Your for life by Kim Walker, He had made me glad by Various Artists, and Open Up Heaven by Kim Walker, and You, You are God by Christ For The Nations.

Now, here are some ways that YOU can help the earth!

1. Plant trees! Trees help produce oxygen in the air, which is what we breathe! I get so sad when I see a tree getting cut down: another plant life gone, and the teeniest tiniest bit  of oxygen gone!
2. Pick up trash! Believe it or not, picking up trash at your park, in your neighborhood or in your own backyard are ways to help the earth tons!
3. Recycle. You hardly have any trash to pick up once you think about all the things that can be recycled! Broken glass? Recycle bin! Paper plate? Recycle bin! Plastic bag? Recycle bin! Recycling is a great way to not use up so many landfills and dirty our earth.
4. Lights off! Turn lights off when they’re not in use. Turn the water off when brushing your teeth. Ask you parents if you can use those special lightbulbs that save energy instead of those regular ones. Let’s save energy and money by ‘lights off’!
5. That’s not all! You can brainstorm even more ways to help the earth by simply meeting with a couple friends, asking a parent or sibling, or asking a school principal! There are tons more than what’s listed here, and it’s your job to go and do them! Good luck saving the earth!!


Molly and Madison
(with Josefina and Cecile!)