Wow! Can you believe it’s March the 3rd ALREADY?! February flew by so fast! Valentines day, Mardi Gras, and going to the AGP are just a few of the great things we’ve done in February! I’m so excited for March: Josefina’s birthday, and a brand-new month full of juicy doll crafts you can’t wait to share with your friends, amazing stop-motions, videos and photo-stories, and overall a fun-loving, AG-based time with our favorite readers! Today, we’re celebrating the third of March by a Creative Craft Corner!

Let’s begin!

Start by cutting a diamond shape out of construction paper: Color of your choice! 

Cut the bendy part off the straw if there is one. Glue it onto the diamond (sorry the picture is sideways!!) Then, cut a long piece of string and tie it around the middle of the straw (being careful not to rip the straw off the paper!) Glue the end of the long piece of string to an empty spindle of thread. Wound it up.

Here’s the glue.
This is what your kite looks like so far!

See how cute this is? Your doll can unwind some string on this spindle to make the kite go higher!

Cut the bendy part off a longer straw, and tape it with clear packing tape like this onto the kite. 

Tie a longer piece onto the straw. Cut pieces of ribbon and tie onto that piece of string! This is a cute way to decorate your kite! You can also draw with markers or crayons onto the front of your kite to make a cute design, but we wanted to keep our kite simple. 

See? Here I am, testing out the new kite!

With these March winds, your doll will LOVE to have her brand-new kite!
What are you excited about for March?
Molly and Madison
(With Josefina and Cecile!)