Hey hey hey, everybody! Guess who it is?

It’s me, Molly! Well, I guess the title gives that away…

Missed me?! I sure did!

I mean not me, you… I mean not that I wouldn’t miss myself. I mean I hope you guys missed me. Cuz I missed you.


Guess what today is? Thanksgiving! Madison is still focused on getting better (so she can come back to posting full-time!), but she took me out for some photos this Thanksgiving and I just had to share them with you!

We have a special guest, too…


Say hi, Coconut! She LOVES playing in the leaves.

I don’t blame her. They’re so fun to play in!

Does anyone else like making a BIG pile, then running and jumping right into it?

I’ve had such a great November. Hard to believe it’s coming to a close already!

My sisters and my friends and I have loved drinking hot apple cider, wearing cute and cozy sweaters when it’s chillier some days, and of course—playing in the leaves!

Coconut likes the fall weather, too. Besides playing in the leaves, she gets a lot more excited about her daily walks. Walking around the neighborhood in the summer leaves us both really hot—and sweaty!

She’s such a good doggy. Aren’t you, Coco? Yes you are!

She and I are best buds.

She’s just the cutest!

Another thing I love about fall is, of course, THANKSGIVING! Who doesn’t love food?! (If you don’t love food… you must be an alien!)

I also love thinking about all the wonderful things God has blessed me with! I love my room, my sisters and friends, and all the fun moments we share together.

Like Thanksgiving Day! We all work together to make a BIG yummy meal… and I try not to eat all the pumpkin and apple pie before it’s on the table. Teehee.

What’s that, Coconut? Of course I’m thankful for you, too!

Coconut! Come down from there!

Good girl!

Well, that’s it for my Thanksgiving photoshoot. I hope you enjoyed!

(And if you want to see my Thanksgiving photoshoot (featuring Coconut again) from a few years ago, here it is!)

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve talked to any of you, so comment below and tell me how you’re spending Thanksgiving!

Like always, Madison says she loves you and she can’t wait to come back to posting full-time soon!


And Coconut. ;)